Jewelry for Christmas: Heart Chains and Heart Medallions

Are you already diligently doing all the Christmas gifts for your loved ones?Sure, which is a question, who is not that please?I’m in the middle of it, but the whole thing is not stressful at all.Because I have at least most ideas already in the head and the mobile phone, encrypted in an app, saved.Do you need some more inspiration?How about heart chains and medallions as a gift idea for Christmas?

1. Heart chains as a Christmas present

Heart chains are always a popular gift, mostly natural for women. They are not only given away on birthdays or Valentine’s Day, but also especially on Christmas. But what is it really so fascinating? Of course there is the form in the foreground and its symbolism, deep meaning and emotionality, which we ascribe to the heart symbol for centuries. It stands for love, but also trust, and simply shows that we are very, very important to someone.
The shape of the heart is already very variable and also with you you get so many different heart chains, which guarantees no boredom. Sometimes narrow, delicate or curved, in gold or silver. Then there are again heart chains, which are offset with jewelry or gemstones and so really strong sparkle. Some heart chains are provided with a keyhole or cross and thus get an additional meaning.
You see, heart chains from are incredibly versatile and just always a wonderful gift idea, especially also now, at Christmas.

2. Gift idea: heart medallions

Heart medallions are also perfect as a Christmas present. First of all, they were just like a normal necklace . But at a second glance, if at all, they turn out to be a piece of jewelery behind which there is much more. Because a medallion does not just look beautiful, it also has a wonderful added value:it is an ideal place to keep secrets and to carry them very close to your heart.
The medallion is a combeack. During the war, pictures of fallen or missing relatives or friends were worn in the last century. Today it is usually much more joyful occasions, so a heart medallion is worn. As a small, loving gesture. Or as a memory, if you can not always see. As a sign of how much we mean to a certain person. Inside is then waiting for a photo, which you can see only when you open the heart medallion. Not visible to everyone.
You can also find heart medallions at in a large selection.Smoothly polished, with a protective gel, with jewelery stones and in many other variants.

As a Christmas gift, a heart medallion will probably shine every eye, do not you agree?