Jewelry Finishing: Polished, Matte

With An Ever Increasing Demand In The Sector Jewelers Throughout The Centuries, Practitioners Of This Segment Have Had To Invent New Techniques To Make More Beautiful Jewel Finish. From This Principle, Have Been Created Several Innovative Techniques And Sophisticated Finishes, Resulting In Differentiated Surfaces With Special Effects And Original, Giving It Its Own Personality To Each Piece Of Jewelry. The Types Of Finishes That Jewelry Can Receive Are Diverse, And That’s Exactly What We’re Going To Address In This Post. These Artistic Finishes Are Made Directly On The Noble Metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum …) Or On The Noble Metal Like Copper And Brass, Where Are To Protrusions Reliefs And Jewel Added, Changing Your Texture And Shine. To Achieve A Good Result, The Process Of Finishing A Piece Of Jewelry Is Carried Out After The Playbe Ready And Clean.

Types of jewelry Finishing

Polished Finish

Boboli ring of HStern

The most well-known technique and shiny is the polished finish on the metal has the surface smooth and shiny as a mirror. The play is brilliant after finishing with sandpaper, polishing and shining.

Matte or satin finish

Diane Von Furstenberg ring of HStern

To keep the fosqueada (no brightness) using a brush or fine sandpaper (Scotch Brite) giving a satin matte finish (opaque). The satin aspect makes the metal more discreet. It is important that the piece has been sanded and polished to achieve a smooth satin finish, without blemishes or imperfections.

Diamond Finish

Pair of Rings in silver Diamond finish

In this case, is passed onto the surface you want to mark a diamond drill, providing a final effect with many glittering sparkles.

Filigree Finish

This term comes from the Latin words Filum = wire and Granum = grain. It’s a very old jewelery technique used to add volume and enhance the gold jewelry with finedesigns and demands that the Goldsmith has a lot of skill, creativity and patience.This process is done with small and delicate metal balls or very thin strands of gold or silver that can be smooth, twisted, flattened or intertwined, giving a finish reminiscent of lace, which may or not be welded to a metal base.

Hammered Finish

Diane Von Furstenberg bracelet of HStern

In this finish, use a small hammer to that subtle and hammering made with skill and homogeneity, the play has an aspect of pure luxury.

Oxidized Finish

Silver necklace with Oxidized Finish

Silver necklace with Oxidized Finish

Is accomplished only in pieces of silver. This technique consists in using a silver based oxidizing sulfur, which reacts darkening the surface. It is widely used to enhance bas-reliefs providing an aged appearance. Can be made over the polished, matte or textured.

Granular Finish

For this finish, the pieces are given very little precious metal spheres to cover all or part of the surface of the jewel.

Finishing Milling

Rolled Stones ring of HStern

Rolled Stones ring of HStern

In this technique, the fosqueada texture delicate wins “sketches” so that the jewel has a rustic appearance, natural and well differentiated.

Scratched Finish

Celtic ring Dunes of HStern

Celtic ring Dunes of HStern

In this textured finish are created with small curls or wrinkles, true artistic designson the surface of the metal, using a chisel to a scratched uniform or abrasive sandpaper to get a scratched more irregular.

Crackle Finish

Jewelry trim

Crackle finish ring

The surface of the metal has an irregular aspect of several steps. Are rollovers ofprecious metal strips of different sizes and thicknesses, providing an appearance of small cracks.

Frosted Finish

It is used in a machine that contains microspheres of different sizes (with sandblasting and compressor), which serve to fosquear. The piece can be sandblasted or receive this finish in just one detail. If this last intention, one must isolate the rest of the piece with masking tape or enamel.

Gold, Silver And Rhodium

Ring Stars gold Noble Cognac diamond and black Rhodium HStern

This technique consists in the immersion of metal in an electrolyte solution with the presence of the desired metal. Can be made with silver, yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium black rhodium rhodium white chocolate, among others. Iron is a metal thatcan not receive this type of finishing and some metals need special preparation for the