Jewelry Boucheron, Sink His Tooth to The Macaron

That it has seemed to me a wonderful idea from Boucheron: Designing Jewelry with a greedy motive, the macaron. And that still seems more palatable, the bite in diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, citrines or tsavorites forming it.

With the Tentation Macaron collection I I would not walk with rodeos and sin to consciousness. I crave all these pecaditos of fine jewelry: ring, necklace and pendant. It would be a surfeit does not hurt precisely in the belly …

Rings they are made in white 18 carat gold unless it takes 77 round sapphires oranges: yellow gold you feel better. You can see it in the photo gallery.

On the other hand, the pave sapphires This are pink and the filling is made of 24 delicious rubies. The designer was inspired in raspberry, fruit prized in France?

For those who appreciate the green color in jewelry, 77 semi-precious stones that form the Macaron and its bite in the photo above are tsavorites. To my Green I hardly carry. The fourth design Amethyst (Photo Gallery), culminate it perfect for the superstitious.

Necklace It is the one who has the most complete recipe in this collection in terms of variety of gemstones, United by the chain in white gold. Mainly, pink sapphires and oranges, diamonds and tsavorites, although also appears a more than 6-Carat cabochon amethyst and a citrine of almost 3 carats. Cherries of the necklace are rubies and emeralds: all a surfeit.

We speak of Earrings. Two round cabochon cut amethysts form the mobile part of the descent of clip, with pave pink sapphires. Emeralds and tsavorites make a macaron mordisqueado luxury. Personally I would have preferred another colour combination.

Pendant, simple form and sumptuous for its Amethyst cabochon and 61 in white gold pave pink sapphires. In the photo above you can see the reversible part of the collection: the size cabochon.

I don’t know what you think but I would start directly by this dessert of luxury. Will Pierre Hermé any be? A perfect gift for greedy wives, brides who want to tempt or indulging the same.

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