Jewelry As a Christmas Present for Children

Children have their own will, which they also want to enforce.And they have role models that they emulate.These models are often found in their own mother, big sister or aunt.In addition, there are also a few celebrities, who are in the eyes of the little just high in the course.Then, exactly, which jewelery and which accessories are just wearing them will be carefully considered.We at show you here a few pieces of jewelery in which eyelets for children are sure to light up.Imitate quite welcome!

1. Gift idea for Christmas: earplugs for children

Earphones for children, in most cases probably for girls, have been a popular gift idea for generations.I myself have also in the kindergarten age a few very cute ear plug.And for many little girls they are a must.

Gift Idea 1: Children’s earphone “Cat”

For example, these earplugs in cat design, made from sterling silver, are decorated with iridescent zirconia stones in white, black and red.These earplugs will instantly convince any little princess.Not least because they can be so wonderfully combined with other colorful jewelery.

Gift Idea 2: Children’s Earring “Heart”

Hearts are also very popular with girls.They are not only worn as a pendant on a chain, but also as an ear plug.A little more noble with our children’s earrings “heart”.A small heart is combined here with a silver ball.The obliging sparkle comes from zirconia stones in romantic rosé.A real iridescent Christmas present, right?

2. Chain trailer as a Christmas gift for children

Chains and necklaces are not just a nice gift idea for all children who may not have ear holes yet.Straight chain trailers are gladly given away at Christmas, because they give a joint that grows with.They can usually be worn on almost any chain.We the chain times too small, can simply buy a new chain.The trailer can be worn so theoretically, even if one is no longer a child.

Gift Idea 3:Chain Pendant “Ladybird”

This necklace pendant is a classic, with which generations of young girls loved to decorate.In the gilded heart sits a red ladybird beetle waiting for a new owner to be found.And since a pendant without a chain is not the yellow of the egg, we recommend you give a matching chain of peas or anchors.

Gift Idea 4: pendant “protective gel” for children

Regardless of whether you believe in protective gel or not, there are situations where you simply need one.Whoever is looking for one for his child, godmother or grandchild, we can help more. This sterling silver pendant is simple. A cheerful little angel is romping on it. By the way not only a jewelery for girls, but also for boys suitable.
We also recommend a small syllable chain or a textile or leather band.

Gift idea 5: Pendant “heart” for children

Finally, a heart again. This time a curved heart, which shines as a golden chain-trailer. It fits very well to a gold chain , but also silver chains set remarkable accents.
My tip: This pendant “heart” is also something for “bigger” children, so is also quite a nice Christmas gift for teenagers or women.Because honestly, which woman is not happy when she gets a heart given?No matter whether she is small or tall, she is young or slightly older.