Jewelry and Accessories for Your Festival Summer

The atmosphere is bombig, the weather is ok, the music class and the people around all around simply the hammer.Slowly you tilt to the last bars of the band, you are actually tired, at the same time still scratched.The wind blows softly around your ears and you wish that this feeling, this day will never end.

2016 will be your festival summer and I will show you with which accessories and which jewelery you the perfect festival look conjures.

Colorful sunglasses for a colorful festival styling

No day in the sun and on the festival without sunglasses . Whoever is out all day needs protection for his eyes. And something that blinds his tired, red eyes. Sleep is finally at a festival one of the things that is in the back. Sunglasses on, topple up and everything is good again. The most popular festival glasses this year have reflections in various colors, colorful frames and round glasses.

Tassel earrings & long chains for the Bohemian look to the festival

Complete the look, how could you do that?With a necklace or earrings!Without if and but, that’s just like that.Stylish it should look somehow, but please not too much.Locker, individual, this is just the right mix.Now again have long chains with pendant high-season and tassel earrings in the Boho look.

The earrings can flash under your mane – best of course with tassels or tassels Whether in colorful or discreet in earth tones is entirely up to you.

Festival Look: Arm Party & Ring Party

In terms of bracelets and ringstyling, you should really exaggerate and combine wildly.Especially wrap bracelets , colorful bracelets with charms and arm bands in a hippie look are the must-have for the summer 2016 festival!Gladly also combined;) Wild, wild – Festival!

Combining different rings is IN – whether festival or not 🙂 So go to the rings and mix it.You have several favorite rings?No problem;) All may be worn.

You should pay attention to your festival look:

Afterwards some tips, which should be noticed in your festival styling:

  • – Do not forget your sunglasses!Protect your eyes with a stylish pair of sunglasses
  • – comfortable shoes on itypetravel!(with high heels and other uncomfortable shoes, do not be fond of wearing casual sandals or trendy mules)
  • – Colorful jewelery is a must
  • – Accessories such as hairbands or towels tame your hair and also conceal one or other greasy attachment
  • – There must be something more!Whether it’s an arm-party, a ring-party or a chain-layering, the festival will allow you everything you do not trust
  • – Have fun!