Jewelery Guide: This Jewelry Fits to Outfits with Stripes

This year somehow somehow become convicts again.But do not worry, we do not have to be criminal.We should not.No, this is about strips as one of the trend features in the spring and summer of 2015. However, the stripes have now migrated somewhat in the direction of the seventies.Something psychedelically breathed and much more colorful, so anything but dull.And since fashion without jewelry and accessories does not work completely, I show you today how you can adapt these to the strip trend.

1. Combine the necklaces to the strip trend 2015

One thing is clear: Where such very strong patterns and colors work, there is already a great flow of movement. That is, bringing even more movement into this look would have a counterproductive effect. And destroy the entire look. So I advise you, in terms of jewelry and accessories, rather restraint to the day.
This year, the trend includes both narrow and wide stripes, preferably also combined in different colors. I recommend to choose one of the two classic colors (gold or silver) when choosing the necklace, which is exactly the same as the basic tone of the stripes, but genre cool colors are combined with other cool colors, but also a very deep, cool one Blue can look beautiful with a gold necklace.
When the size of the chain simply applies the opposite rule: On large strips simply times a smaller chain and on small strips a larger, massive chain wear.The strips are horizontal and very uniform.Then a chain trailer is recommended.For example, try these necklaces, which you find in the collage.

2. Combine armchairs to the strip trend

You do not have to be so careful with your arm jewelry that everything fits so perfectly. You should only look well, if Armschmuck generally to the strip look or does not fit. In doubt, especially with long sleeves, leave your bracelets and bracelets away. Otherwise it may also be colorful, if you pick up a color of the strip again.
This is the best loosely wrapping arm band , whether playful or rather somewhat graphically held. Even with the rings you can trump, if you want. Personally, however, I would advise you to stick to a style and perhaps pick up some of the features that you find in the necklace. Of course, this should be the color itself, for example gold, and then the style itself (playful, romantic, graphic, classic).
Even narrow rings fit well here because they can subordinate themselves to the dominant strip and complement the whole look sensibly.