Internet Ages Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

On Internetages, you will find most vintage silver jewelry from the period ca. 1940-1980. It is fine classic cases in European design – jewellery that people all over the world gradually collects. Since I myself have a penchant for the period, are the jewelry from the time that I have the most of on this page. It is a period where there was really beautiful jewelry made in Europe – design and craftsmanship goes up into a higher unity.

Vintage jewelry from the very well known names like Georg Jensen and Hans Hansen, also internationally to go really high prices, but there are many really nice jewelry from less famous workshops as Niels Erik From, Carl Ove Frydensberg, John Lauritsen, Volmer Bahner, Anton Michelsen, Bernhard Hertz and many others.

From these a little less known work places one can still find really fine jewelry at very reasonable prices, and it is especially the kind of jewelry I have. But constant and foolery there must also be a place for, so you can also find beautiful, older and quite non-genuine (jewellery) jewellery – just for garnish and still absolutely lovely.

Vintage Style Jewelry

By the way: All jewelry purchased here in the shop will be delivered in the jewel box, with Things & Tangels name and logo on – and I also like to Exchange putter brand on. The box automatically follows, swapping label writes you just a note about when ordering.

Vintage Earrings

Turquoise Butterfly Dangle Earrings for Ladies Hook Clasp Silver Plated:

Internet Ages Vintage Earrings

 Vintage Necklaces

Vintage Necklace Twisted Cords and Bead Chains Water Drop Pendant:

Internet Ages Vintage Necklace



Vintage Rings

Unisex Alloy Ring Vintage Style Bronze Color Blue/Brown Evil Eye Pattern:

Internet Ages Vintage Ring

If you want to know a little more about vintage jewelry in general – e.g. what the Pistons means, what the difference between “Silver” and “sterling silver” is, so I have created a small info page here.


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