Individual Jewelery

Are you looking for the right jewelry for your Christmas outfit?Earrings that fit perfectly with your favorite dress you want to wear on Christmas?Then I show you today a wonderful possibility to create earrings and rings in exactly your desired colors.

All you need is:

  • cabochons
  • matching frames (ring, earring or necklace pendant)
  • Nail polish your choice
  • Adhesive (solvent-free or special adhesive)

For my Christmas Earrings I chose a bright red basecoat and a glittering overcoat, reported by¬†philosophynearby. So you can apply two layers of nail polish to achieve a desired effect, or use a single nail polish – that’s up to you. Choose the colors of the nail polish to fit your clothing, just as you wish.

Now you can paint the cabochons. If you only use one varnish, wear two to three layers on the cabochon. The nail varnish should cover well but should not be applied too thick.

I have now opted for an effective variant. If you want to use a glitter varnish, be sure to apply it first. So to speak, exactly opposite to a nail design, where the glitter is last applied. Both layers should cover but should not be applied too thick. In addition, both paints should be able to dry thoroughly. Let the colored base tone dry for one day before applying the glitter varnish. The glitter should also dry for one day. Once the nail polish is well dried, the cabochon is fixed with solvent-free adhesive in the mount. Once the glue is dried, the cabochon is seated and the jewelery can be worn.

For these jewelry I have chosen cabochons and frames in the size 12mm. These are quite small and fine. The frames are also available in silver. The sizes you can of course also freely choose. You will get the materials online.

So you see how easy it is to design your own jewelery yourself.In addition, these jewelery presents the perfect Christmas present. Do you know the favorite nail polish of your best friend or partner?Just create a pair of earrings or a ring with this color.She will be glad, promised!

Post us your Christmas decorations on our FB page.We would be very happy!