How to Wear Waist Chain

Women always find new ways to be irresistible. One of these tools to highlight its attractiveness is a chain around the waist that can attract not only male but also female glances.

Chain-belt waist-when and to whom to wear?

This accessory can be worn constantly, but if you want to see her not just close your man, then deduct its value by summer things.Chain looks great on podtyanutыh ​​zhivotikah, thin taliyah. To demonstrate her figure in all its glory combine it with pants (follow, short Topham, transparent tunikami. Far not always the decoration will be, but in some cases it will be a modern and bright accent:

  • If you are planning a party at a club then boldly decorations yourself chain cross of gold-will become a star of the dance floor and fouling fans;
  • gold chain waist chic look with open kupalynikom;
  • to wear this accessory may personally loved man – he will undoubtedly obolyshten;
  • Go shopping or coffee with friends to combine the chain with low jeans – your way will be very original and stylish;
  • The official event, a celebration silver or gold belt can be placed on top of the clothes, for example, successfully would be great with a little black dress or long pritalennыm white sarafanom.

How to Choose chain cross?

Many girls, knowing that this accessory trend today have no idea what it’s called chain of the cross. It turns out that even our ancestors more than 4000 years actively used for decoration and gave him the name “duck”. In English his name sounds like “belly chain”, which literally translates as “belly chain”.
An important point in the choice of the chain is its length: it must not exceed the size of the waist by a few centimeters, but do not dig into the body and not hang too freely. By buying a car, they can decorate it with pendants or locked using a piercing if you have available. It is also important to choose a product made from quality metal-as it will constantly interact with skin.