How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

Women love to wear original jewelry and therefor, the ankle bracelet is a must-have accessory. He allows that the door to assert her femininity, but also to win in style, because as it’s a fairly exotic accessory, it will increase with ease any outfit with a sensual touch.

How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

For what model to choose?

The most classic models include models with simple strings, enhanced on the occasion of small pendants to charm as the clover with four leaves, with some small beads of glass or of original pendants as small crosses, stars, hearts or exotic charms. Those who like the style of the shamballas can find their pearls coloured on the ankle bracelets while ethnic jewelry lovers will love wearing them to feathers. And rendering to be sexy at will, it will have to ensure that the chain is fine and will not so burdening the silhouette. And of course, the style of the bracelet must be always in fitting with the chosen outfit, but also with the types of shoes we wear to feet to create a certain harmony.

When to wear the ankle bracelet?

According to DIGOPAUL, the ankle bracelet is usually with a skirt or a short dress, preferably, because she has to stay visible, otherwise, she loses all interest. Every day, it is better to opt for a classic string, brass or stainless steel with pendants that don’t are not too slap-to-eye at the risk that it clashes with the set. The fancier pieces are to leave at weekends spent on the beach, walks with friends and days shopping and are mixing with a little summer dress in jeans shorts and a t-shirt. Finally in the evening, he should opt for a pretty chain Golden cat eye beads that make a nice aesthetic. And as they arise on the ankle, it is not interesting to wear them with closed shoes since they will not be even.

In sum, the ankle bracelets are among the chic for summer jewelry and as they are available in various forms and styles, it will be easy to find the model that fits for everyone and for all occasions.