How to Use the Maxi Earrings

Accessories are able to transform any outfit. They adorn, complement and, in some cases, are the protagonists of the look.

The fashion for wearing large earrings (= maxi earring) is not of today, although many think is a contemporary trend.

The maxi earring has literally prominently in costume. Is the type of accessory that you can’t be noticed.

You can use options from the most classic moon rocks to the choices more flowers. Can vary between a more sophisticated, hippie chic, boho, vintage, sensual, ethnic … Many possibilities of style boldly. This proves that it is not always “less is more”.

One of the great advantages of maxi earring is to highlight the areas of the face and neck. The brincao add personality and style to the look.

You can use it any way you see fit. The important thing is to feel good about your choices.

The website has some tips for using the maxi earrings.

  1. A prominent accessory at a time. Those who are not accustomed to use big accessories, this is a fundamental “rule”. Do not place all at once.If you decide to use a maxi earring, explore the Internetsailors of this type of accessory in your look. Choose one or the other. Can be a lot of information to put many large accessories together. For example, avoid the maxi necklace and Earring maxi together. Large pieces together may compete with each other.
  2. Express your personality. There’s always a maxi earring that suits you. The accessories are not only to complement your outfit, but for you to pose for fashion, build your own style. Invent your sets! Nothing more authentic to be honest with yourself.
  3. Coordinate the colors.You do not need to use all of the same color, but the colors need to talk among themselves. Use colorful earrings, look for color tuning with all the rest. There’s nothing more fun than playing with the colors in the visual.
  4. Turn the basics. The maxi earring raises the visual basic clothes, whether that work or party. How about with a white t-shirt? Or, who knows how to give a “up” in that little black dress? Contrast the maxi play with simplicity is the best.
  5. Test the weight. It’s no use buying a maxi earring wonderful if you can’t handle the weight. Place the earring in the store and test. There are earrings too heavy to even hurt for those who’re not familiar with.

And you have a special way to use? Tell the women.