How to Use Dragon Earrings

Where to Buy, How to Wear and Prices of Dragon Earrings

The trend of the dragon earrings is here to stay. Available in several models and styles, the hits are recommended for those who want to dare a little more in their productions. But how to wear the dragon earrings.

For those who are not used to wearing a jangle and are afraid of making mistakes, the secret is to know how to value the accessory and take into account the fact that when you stick to a very large piece, the ideal is to wear simple clothes that do not call so much attention. Therefore, invest in pieces of clothing without much detail on the shoulders or on the collars, such as dresses and blouses will take you to fall, great options to match with dragon earrings. You can bet on the big earrings, both with loose hair, cokes, ponytail and everything that your creativity allows. The cool thing of all is that, currently it is not a rule to combine earring with clothes and much less with shoes. Large earrings like dragon earrings should be worn with bracelets or necklaces. If wearing a large necklace, place small earrings and vice versa. So attention should always be paid to one type of accessory, and the other accessories complement the look you want. Bet on dragon earrings with sparkles, colored stones, pearls. Do not forget to value the shape of your face, haircut and the type of clothes you will wear. For those who have the shape of the face round or square, you can bet on the big earrings, as they give the impression of stretching on the face. The dragon earrings also look great with necklines, you can buy the dragon earrings in many malls, virtual stores among other places with many models and different styles you can buy your dragon earrings the prices of dragon earrings change from place to place more or less the prices are $ 50.00.