How to Spot Fake Tiffany Earrings

Tiffany earrings are a beautiful gift for Christmas, Valentine’s day or any occasion where you want to make happy a woman or a girl. The Tiffany earrings classic heart shaped ones are in gold or silver with the famous inscription engraved “Please return to Tiffany”. Over the years the dimensions have changed until last year 2010-2011 li made of two different sizes, while now only of small size. In the steps of the guide to follow will be explained in detail how to recognize fake Tiffany earrings.

The Tiffany jewelry “please return” series, like the earrings, satisfied not only different types of women but also of portfolios since those little ones in silver costing 125 euros and then climb with gold ones. In short, an affordable cost, which then makes vain attempts to buy them at the lowest prices on the PROGRAMINGPLEASE or at auction.

Obviously it is superfluous to say that in order to avoid any danger of cheating simply purchase the earrings Tiffany stores, addresses and the online store can be found on the Tiffany website. If you happen to find them elsewhere, to see whether you have an original or a fake, focus your attention above all on what is written about earrings. In the original “Please return to” is well off the top arc of the heart, while “Pleasereturnto” often found in false without spaces between the words.

In other cases, the message “Please return to” is spaced out, but other words like Tiffany, who follow after, seem “disproportionate” as if the words are barely in the space of the heart. It is a matter of proportions and balance; “please return to” appears at the top of the heart slightly curved and is smaller than the word “Tiffany & Co” that appears below the heart center. To follow there must be written: New York 925.

Moreover, “Please return to” is written with a character other than “Tiffany & Co”, which appears in bold. The words “NEW YORK” is also still different, slightly larger than the first and a bit smaller than the second. Pay close attention to detail. Before buying online, compare the pics that sends you the seller with your original photos from Tiffany’s official website.

Remember that the original packages consist of a green box square water and a bag of the same color square button to clip. The box can be classic color (white) or red, during the festivities of Christmas.