How to Put a Pin on

The PIN is a gem with a PIN to staple it on clothing, scarf etc. There are many types of PIN on the market, for example the pin of cheap pearls, the diamond brooch, pin Crystal etc. Wear a brooch can bring you a unique style and more charming. There are a few tips to put a PIN.

In General, we often put pin on clothes, especially suit jackets. Women like pretty diamond pins because they can make them more elegant and noble. But young people do not like the pins very sumptuous, they prefer those of metal because they are special, custom and fashionable and they may well show their features. Without a doubt, a spindle works fine on an evening dress. Choose one in the shape of flowers for a refined and chic appearance.

Put a PIN on a hat is also popular worldwide. The pins on the CAP can create a lovely, mature, or distinguished appearance depending on material, color, style and shape.

In addition, you can also use the pins to ornament your hair accessories. It’s a new fashion.

Rather than buy the pins, you can make them yourself. There are a lot of free tutorials from the jewelry wholesaler. Follow them and you will find it easy and interesting to do it yourself.