How To Make Money On The Internet Reselling Semijoias

Hi, Girls. All Jewel? Let Me Ask You A Question: Who Here Has Tried To Make Money On The Internet Reselling Semijoias? I Wonder About That Because, Currently, More Than 100 Million People Access The Internet Every Day Just In Brazil And, Indeed, Their Customers Do The Same. The Account Is Very Simple, To Win […]

Hi, girls. All jewel?

Let me ask you a question: who here has tried to make money on the internet reselling semijoias?

I wonder about that because, currently, more than 100 million people access the internet every day just in Brazil and, indeed, their customers do the same. The account is very simple, to make money, you need to be where your customers are.

Why use the internet to resell semijoias

The internet is an incredible channel for your business. She makes everything faster, can approach people, create relationships, and most importantly, help in publicizing your work without spending anything or very little.

Say that disclosing the your work is the most important, because it is crucial for you to conquer new customers, optimize your time, get to know your audience and increase more sales.

On the internet your chances of getting sell triple. That’s because that’s where you meet new people. With the word-of-mouth, the phone and knocking on doors, youcould hit your friends, neighbors, co-workers and the women of the family. But, toconnect and be in different social networks you can have access to a new audienceand a multitude of customers, raising your level of sales in the same proportion.

The social networks of Frances jewelry, for example, are with everything. On Facebook and Instagram, we have more than 200,000 tanned and followers, in addition to the Snapchat and our Youtube channel that are a success.

Best sales channels and distribution on the internet

There are many social networks and online applications that can help your business, but I’m going to highlight three of them, knowing use, will make your sales take off. Check out:


Facebook is an amazing tool and you can only use. He is complete and will serve very well to promote their semijoias. Create a schedule and always do their publications are beautiful pieces with certain looks, teach how to preserve each attachment and how to use each of them. All the material that Frances Jewelry is to help youpublish sell, then you can use at will.

A valuable tip is to use your own Facebook to spread the photos. This makes it easier because you already creates a large base of potential customers, and the best, they already have a connection with you.

Facebook also serves as a channel of contact and relationship, so is always online to answer the questions of your customers as soon as possible. In addition, the “lives” are great options to create more closeness and interaction with the girls.


The Instagram is also a very powerful tool for those who want to make money on the internet, especially for fashion and accessories. After all, the instagram is completely visual and disseminating their semijoias there you can make quickly, your followers become customers.

Create a unique account for this and abuse of semijoias to post the best pictures.Always use hashtags to disclose their pieces, they are very powerful and will help boost your publication, facilitating the search and measure your audience too. In addition, you can use the “Stories” to make short videos, dynamic and fun to their followers.


Whatsapp is the perfect application for you near your client. Communication through him is super fast and you can send pictures, warn about new parts, ask questions and what else is needed with ease. To make it even simpler, as is winning new customers, you can create a group and make the disclosure by all.

Create a list of transmission with these contacts and use many images of their semijoias. Take pictures of them, combined with other accessories, with clothes or usesocial networking photos of Frances jewelry. Don’t forget that, before including a client in the group, you must ask your permission.

There are other tools that can also help you enough to make money reselling semijoias. The Snapchat, for example, is a terrific application. Be sure to use it!

To your constant presence on Internet, the relationship and interaction with these women will result in a giant leap for your business. Ready to sell more? Put your business on the internet today. If you have any questions, just talk to me!

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