How to Make Handmade Pins

When you think “pin”, we often imagine a slightly kitsch and cheesy stuff dug up at the bottom of a drawer of his grandmother.Yet well-chosen and well made, it may be the detail of your look that will make all the difference.

To give a little pep to a tee united, give new life to an old shirt in jeans or change the appearance of our little black dress preferred, the pins are the essential accessory!

If he discovers pins flea market are a little too vintage to taste, and pins sold a bit above your means shop, why not make your own?

And there are a multitude of techniques to concoct a pretty pin collection. Paper, wood, fimo, or hama beads , nothing complicated although the detail is sometimes appropriate. In the form of ice, cat, or cloud, or sequined tassels, discover in this case all the beautiful creations of our bloggers! Their step may make you want to get started and to wear the pins all year!