How to Make Fabric Flowers for Hairstyling

How to make fabric flowers for hair arrangement is the crafts you will check out now. Make these flowers to also decorate other pieces.

How To Make Fabric Flowers For Hairstyling

To make this beautiful craft you will need:

Hair clip or tiara and tiara clasp;

Fabrics of your choice and with colors or prints also of your preference;


Scissors for fabric;

Iron to iron clothes;

Thermocouple double-sided interlining;

Chalk or pencil for sewing;

Hot glue pistol;


Sewing line with the color matching the chosen materials;

Flower and leaf template (images below).

Tips For Making Hairstyle Fabric Flowers

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Then transfer the flower mold to the chosen fabric color.

Glue the mists of the flowers with a drop of hot glue in the middle and each petal. Fold each middle piece, also gluing.

Make several pieces and glue each other together.

Finish creating your flower by gluing a double folded petal to simulate the kernel of your flower.

Attach the heat-seal double-sided interlining to the sheet fabric on both sides of the interlining, and transfer the template from the sheet to the fabric. Cut and glue the ends together.

Glue two leaves on a flower.

Secure the clasp or clasp at the base of the flower.

To finalize your piece, attach the flowers to the tiara. And it’s ready! Now that you have checked how to make fabric flowers for hair, make a lot, make brooches, apply on clothes or even use in the decoration of your home.