How to Make a DIY Pin

Hello girls!

So we know, for several seasons the Stan Smith reigns master of our wardrobes! We love coming back style of the past! Another trend Revenue increased for the coming seasons, badges, pins and other pins to give a cool and fun touch to our favorite outfits!

So I decided today to propose you to create a trend pin shaped Stan Smith! If you like you like perhaps the strip-shaped plane Chanel inspiration that can also adapt pin •white leather, silver and black • eyelets 5 mm (cultura, Our site) • a punch • glue for leather • a pin (found in Cultura) • the boss of basketball here • first, prints the pattern in actual size, and cut the shape of the shoe. • Draw the outline of the shoe on black leather (which will be the bottom) and cut about 3 mm of your outline• then cutting the same shape in white leather, leaving no margin. (WARNING: positioning your boss with respect to the side of the leather because sometimes must be reversed for the good side visible at the end) • Glue the white shape on the black shape • Then resume your boss, and cutting the base and the small end to the back of the shoe. •postpones the shapes on the white leather for shoe and color to the rear. • parts Glue • Then make holes with the punch • dons carnations • Finally, cut three small rectangles for the laces, and glue them over the eyelets. • Finally make some holes on the side of the shoe as the true Stan Smith ! And glue the pin with a strong glue. And here you have a great shaped pin Stan Smith to hang or you want!