How to Determine Necklace Chain Length

Now that you choose your type of stitch, you’ll have to set the stitch width that you want for your gold chain. It is the same for the length of the necklace. These elements will determine the style of your jewel, its use (possibility to mount a pendant or not) and of course its price.

How to Find a Cheap Gold Chain?

If you want to buy a cheap gold chain, the first thing to do is to select a model available in 9 carat gold. You can also play on the length and the width of the channel to maintain a low price. Indeed, over the channel is wide and the heavier gold is important, and so the price increases. We offer chains in gold of 1.5 mm or 2 mm wide at very affordable prices. The length of the string is also important on the price. Thus, a chain of 40cm long will be still less expensive than a string with a length of 60cm.

Choose The Width Of His Gold Chain

The width of the string but is having a strong impact on the style of your necklace. More chain will be fine, and more the jewel will be discreet. On the other hand a large chain will immediately more imposing look. To make your choice depending on your style.
Most of the cracks that we offer are available from 1.5 mm wide. The width of each type of mesh is usually the following: 1.5 mm-2 mm-2.5 mm-3 mm-3.5 mm-4 mm-4.5 mm-5 mm-5,5 mm-6 mm-7 mm-8 mm-9 mm see even 10 or 11mm for some meshes. View more width on Proexchangerates.
Attention, a mesh of 1.5 mm may seem too thin, especially at the neck of a man. Similarly, a mesh of 11mm wide will be disproportionate to the neck of a woman.
Finally, if want you to buy a chain for a Pendant Mount, a plaque or Medal, think about carefully measure the bails of your pendant in order to make sure that the string will be not too wide. We recommend for example the Gold Mesh Bracelet chain for a Pendant Mount.

Choose The Length Of His Gold Chain

The last point to determine to buy your chain gold is its length. More chain will be long and more she will present a weight in high gold. The channels are available in the following lengths: 40cm-45cm-50cm-55cm or 60cm. Certain string meshes are available in several lengths as 42cm and 45cm. It is especially the English mesh chains.
The length of the string is above all a matter of taste. If you like collars around the neck, a chain of 40 cm will make your happiness. If instead you like dangling chains, a chain of 55 or 60cm will be most suitable. Finally, it must of course take into account the morphology of each. A thin neck will focus on a string of 40cm, a stronger neck will require a string of 50cm or more.