How To Choose Wedding Jewelry

The Time Has Come Long-Awaited For Most Women, Your Wedding. With The Arrangements See The Concerns In All Work, Stay All Nice And All Leave Happy (Mostly The Bride And Groom). Not An Easy Process, But Without Doubt It Is Very Gratifying To Be Able To Choose And Decide Every Detail Of The Wedding. For The Look Of The Bride To Be Perfect And Harmonious Is Also Takes A Lot Of Research, And Evidence Decisions Ranging From Dress, Hair, Makeup, Shoes, Bouquet And Of Course, The Jewelry. Married In 2012 And Have Very Fresh In Memory The Whole Process Before The Wedding And No Doubt Decide For Dress And Accessories, Was The Most Pleasurable. The Style And The Wish Of The Bride Are Decisive Factors For The Selection Of All Items Ofyour Look. Without Doubt, The Dress Is The Piece That Stands Out, But No Less Important, The Accessories Are Essential To Enhance And Complete The Look. The Dream Ofevery Bride Is That Your Visual Stay Gorgeous, Isn’t It?! After The Dress, Shoes, Hair And Makeup Were Defined, Comes The Big Question: What Jewelry Choose? Worth Investing In Jewelry Or The Best Option Is To Rent? I Will Give Some Tips In This Post Of Composition Of Jewelry For Wedding That I Consider Important.

At my wedding I used yellow gold earrings with crystals of HStern

Tips for choosing wedding Jewelry

At first, the jewels should not steal the glamour of the gown, just accentuate the beauty of it and therefore must be chosen very carefully, under the guidance of professionals and always after the model of the dress is set. Another important point is that the bride has to feel comfortable with the jewel. Do not overdo it in brightness, i.e. avoid shine like a Christmas tree; the jewelry does not have to be noted. The jewelry must match each other, i.e. If you decide for a pair of pearl earrings, thepaste must also be of pearls, not diamonds or other stones. If you like glitter, butthe wedding is outdoors during the day, prefer the crystals to diamonds. If the wedding is at night, you can invest in diamonds and zircônias, but always with common sense and balance not to shine more than you. Tiaras, crowns, combs, necklaces and earrings must be in harmony with the style of dress, with the shape of the face, skin tone and the hair of the bride.

How to choose wedding jewelry

Delicate Earrings and small suggestions of HStern

White gold jewellery with diamonds and jewels with pearls are the tracks of classicbrides, as long as they are not overly large. It is worth remembering that discretion has to do with elegance. Most modern brides and daring combine with coloredstones jewelry both in white gold and yellow gold. In this case, you need to have agreat care in the length of the earrings not to overdo it and of course, avoid usinga paste, because you risk keeping the look heavy. Avoid brooches or bracelets and never use clock even if this is all of gold set with diamonds. Avoid wearing rings,because your most beautiful jewel is your wedding ring. For the romantic, pearls and crystals occupy the first position and got a tip: antique jewelry, why not? The former is always in fashion. If you still have questions with so many choices, you can’t miss with the pearls. They are classic, timeless, elegant, sophisticated and look good with everything. If not how to use a jewel don’t be intimidated in invest in a beautiful and good jewelry. A good alternative would be to opt for jewelry rental service, which reduces part of the expenses and does not cause the bride miss the glamour of the occasion. Both brides as guests use this service and the demand for the rent of jewels has been growing every year.

How to choose wedding jewelry

Varied and long earrings with Diamonds, crystals and pearls of HStern

Renting Jewelry For Brides

Below, here are some stores that offer the jewelry rental service in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte:

Sao Paulo

Rosana Chinche

There’s no way remain indifferent faced with so many choices of models and prices knowing that to this moment so special and unforgettable for WOME