How to Choose A Necklace

What chain choose?

Crown offers different lengths and weight chains.
The recommended length for a baptism of chain is 45cm. This is a length that allows the child to wear his medal on the chain as soon as it receives and then carry throughout his life.
The chain of baptism is not too long when the child is small and remains in good size when they become adults.

The fine convict chain  which is available in 40cm length rather corresponds to a crew of female neck is indicated for pendants and lighter jewelry Minis, Signs, Arcabas]
We also have in stock chains 50cm length and can custom special offer you any chain length.

Regarding the choice of the chain, it is advisable to take a chain whose weight approaches the most of the jewelery she will wear.

In the range of baptism channels offered by the Crown, all conventional channels are well suited for a classic coin (about 3g, according to, the final choice will depend budget and personal taste as to the thickness of the chains.

Are there-t a boy / girl mesh?

For baptism gold chains, the two main types of cell are: the convict mesh and the bracelet mesh.
There is no set rule that one or the other would be male or
The mesh bracelet which the links are tight enough and dishes often seems thinner and brighter, the convict mesh is more airy and therefore render a little more “light”.