History of Men’s Watches

The man watch is the leading accessory for the male. It responds to trends, it evolves along modes, and it’s even technology to adapt to it.

History of Men's Watches
For the record, in the seventeenth century, the physicist Blaise Pascal would be the first to have invented the concept of the wristwatch. Tired of having to go out of his pocket, he tied his watch around her wrist with a piece of string to view the time more easily. The man watches were popularized by airmen during the first half of the twentieth century. More masculine and more accurate especially in the measurement of time, they will then become democratized and the famous fashion accessory for men.

The watch for man is functional and tailored to your needs

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We ensure that our selection of men watches perfectly meet the requirements of our customers. Technical features to start, we offer male models with quartz or automatic. But also with technological watches for man connected . We are anxious to find for you the best model for the best use. From simple to more high-tech,  contact us  to find the man’s watch that suits you.

The quintessential male jewel

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Nothing more simple, wearable look defines the choice of his watch. But not only. It is also a reflection of your personality. In humans, the watch brand of style, a foul taste is noticed easily.

It is precisely a wide selection of watches for men and pocket watches on the website of the BRIDGAT. From classic, timeless sober and distinguished, the  casual model  and sports, through the  trendy vintage style  and design, your requirements will be met.

The importance of choosing men’s watch

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The watch has to adapt to your body. If your wrist is fine, choose a thin strap and a flat dial. If the circumference of your wrist is thicker choose a watch bracelet and the larger dial.

Aesthetics or technology? Ceramic or leather? For an evening or for extreme sports? Do not wait and discover the latest collections of major brands of watches for men.

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