Historique Maison Chaumet

From 1780 to now, the Parisian fashion house is a symbol of savoir faire in fine jewelery. We discover the new collection inspired by the lines of art deco.

It is 1780 when Marie-Etienne Nitot receives Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, in his studio: the husband wants to give a crown empress Best Parisian artisan.Today the Maison Chaumet (which takes place with about Place Vendome in 1907) still makes the young Josephine icon of power and taste: in 2010 launches in the world of high jewelry line that bears his name, and proposes to her tiaras inspired.

In 2013, the ring once exceptional Josephine, a timeless piece of art deco. The Empress in fact dictated the tastes and trends of the time and thanks to the home of high Nitot jewelry, still can affirm his unique and luxurious style of colors and vanity: Chaumet presented on the occasion of the XXVI Biennale des Antiquaires, his new collection.

To understand the real uniqueness of this brand must not only immerse themselves in the images of this extraordinary collection, but also take a dip in the history…

It is under the direction of Joseph Chaumet (1852-1928), but especially the latter’s son, Marcel (1886-1964), that the house knows its golden age and imposes deco in its collections. The Renaissance style was in vogue at the turn of the century, in particular the taste of who appreciated the tiaras and the fashion house will participate with its collections in 1925 to ‘Exposition des Arts Décoratifs in Paris immediately became a leader of this trend. The jewelery became more geometric and follow the ‘boyish style’ 20s but looking more femininity in the proposals of the ’30s.

After the war the style of the French capital is strongly influenced by New Look of Christian Dior. Chaumet retains its unmistakable style, but is associated with taste dictated by the Haute Couture and, from the 50s onwards, his drawings and high fashion become unique in describing the trends of Parisian luxury.

Chaumet from 1999 became one of the LVMH group certified today by the Jewellery Council marks. Colors, materials and colored gemstones are an imperative of this style and become the signature of this house that now boasts forty craftsmen high direct jewelry by the creative genius of Pascal Bourdariat .

Chaumet still represents the savoir faire in the art Parisian goldsmith and tastefully combines the traditional values ​​of the contemporary fashion house. She makes special orders for large customers and raises again the fashion of jewelry, icon of fine jewelery, with tiara or hair from the clip.