HeLeNe Courtaigne Delalande, of Success a Jewelry Advertiser

Yes, they are Twins in the form of mini-paracaidas in 18 carat gold holding a small ingot of gold. Monkeys are, right? They are part of the new “HCD2” collection of this French artist, who has a predilection for this noble metal.

As a restless artist and creative soul, Helene Courtaigne Delalande yield a turnaround to his working life in 1990, left their portfolios of customers in advertising (has worked for Phas, Vichy or Hélèna Rubinstein among others) after ten years of experience and said: “I will create jewelry”.

In your resume, it can be proud of having redesigned the line of treatment of Guerlain last year. Already located in 2008, launches dream brand of jewelry HCD2.

It is a very personal collection and that does not follow No guideline current or tendency, timeless is a good adjective but also serves to all its parts. Capricious?

Likes to work with little-used gems in jewelry as tsavorites, Iolite, morganitas, rubelitas, or tanzanite. It is that he changed jobs to design whatever you taste, and I respect her for it.

I will say that, well situated economically and with the necessary training, anyone can do it. Well, I think that not everyone is able to more than one front labour nor dares.

Although the artists will always be artists and have that soon that dare yet. I leave some of their creations. Sure that very soon is spoken of his facet jewelry.