Golden Globe and the Brilliance of Colored Gemstones

The colored gems have the uncanny ability to enrich the jewels, of which they are part. A well-made composition, attentive to the combination of the colour of stones and with a differentiated design, enables the jewel not only complements the look, but you can even be the protagonist of the entire production. In the latest edition of the Golden Globe, it was very clear. The red carpet showed the newest trend of the fashion world: colored gemstones. Blockbusters of the greatest exponents of the artistic medium serve as inspiration for the harmony between jewelry and clothes.

When the jewel is the look

The stars of the evening enhance worldwide with incredible looks. Curious to note, however, that many times, the look was the jewel itself. The production of Sofia Vergara is proof of that, she took your little black dress of the category “basic” with a wonderful necklace with turquoise and diamonds maxi.

Emma Roberts did the same, but opted to leave the cervix without jewels, and invest in a maxi stone turquoise earrings your coloring look monochromatic in black.

When the jewel is an extension of the look

The jewelry with colored gems can also be used as an extension of the production. When this is the proposal, are chosen stones that have the same color of clothing, or similar tones that can be overlapped without having lost visual harmony.

Helen Mirren and Jaimie Alexander bet on large emeralds for the composition of his looks, both in delicacy of set earring and bracelet of first, as boldness of double earring and ring of the second.

Olivia Wilde also opted for precious stones that matched perfectly with your dress in vintage style. The paste in shades of Red composed the lap of the actress, who still wore a ring that sported the same stone.

When the jewel is pure originality

Now, interesting, is when we are caught in a red carpet as the Golden Globes, with the delicacy and simplicity of a romantic design, innovative and harmonious as the necklace “mixed and matched pastel gemstones” used by Leslie Mann.

The design of the necklace was responsible for matching colored gems and different, but keeping a gradient in shades of pastel pink that matched perfectly with the hue, also rose, the actress’s dress. In a vintage footprint, the play managed to attract the attention of many looks from fashion critics.

The colored gems can assume different “roles” in the looks of which they are part. The Brazil has a great diversity of these stones. In this group include the bi-colored gems, which can make your jewelry a piece original and unique, giving room for creativity in time to compose the look!

The various Golden Globe celebrities who composed their productions using gems with colored gems can serve as inspiration for the composition of many other productions, are those of gala nights or even a suit. The important thing is to print enough personality to your jewelry.

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