Gift Tip: Protective Gel Jewelry by Amoonic

Have you ever had your protective gel?Do you believe in protective gel at all?Well, many believe that at least once in a lifetime a protective gel has helped them to the side.Some of us, therefore, also deliberately wear jewelery, which is related to protective rules.And others, on the other hand, wear it only because it looks really great.The latter also applies to our jewelery of the week.However, we can not provide you with a protective gel guarantee.

Filigree necklace “Angel wings”

In many cultural spheres, widespread symbolism a uf. They stand for the supernatural, divine, for protection, enthusiasm and freedom as well as independence. Sounds good, do not you think? And with this filigree necklace “Angel wings”, which is our jewelery of the week, you get a jewelry full of meaning and beauty.
The elements of the angel wing are delicately formed. Here we consciously placed on detail accuracy. In this way, individual springs can be seen schematically, which give the wing contour and show that it is composed of many small elements. Something that actually applies to many things in our everyday life.
The upper feathers are additionally decorated with zirconia. A great iridescence and sparkle is thus guaranteed.

Necklace “Angel wings”:configurable jewelery at

You can get this necklace not only in the illustrated variant, but also in some other versions. Because here you can choose not only the material used or the finishing. No, you are looking for the right size for your size from 3 necklaces.
You decide whether you prefer a warm red gold or a cool silver. And whether the chain should sit rather tightly, like a necklace, on the neck or be kept somewhat more generously.
Then you only have to believe a little in the power of this angel wing.For who knows, maybe this necklace is a personal message from your own protective gel.And it does not always have to be unnatural, but it is perhaps just around you.Very real.