Gemstones Names and Meanings

Diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire have great symbolic value. We discover their characteristics and how to distinguish the true from the false stones.

If we talk about the most commonly we refer to gems gemstones used in the jewelry. There are a variety more or less valuable classified according to an ancient method that dates back to ancient Greece. This method divides the stones in presioze and semi-precious: they are part of the first row  diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, while among the latter includes all those kind of fine or hard, as its name suggests the latter are distinguished by their resistance. Since ancient times precious stones have always had great symbolic significance that goes far beyond their economic value. Let’s find out together.

The diamond is the gemstone for excellence and the one with the higher value. Its name means indomitable strength and since ancient times was linked to the gods. Diamond is a very desired by stone color transparent, very durable and representative perfection. The diamond is related to the therapeutic powers, according to the crystal therapy and Ayurvedic medicine. Many are the legends that bind him to the person wearing it because it is able to amplify the thoughts. Today the diamond symbolizes the eternal bond.

The ruby is a precious stone by the red color identified as the stone of the sun that gives strength and energy. The ruby is also regarded as an emblem of happiness and a talisman can protect the owner and all his possessions. Despite its red color, ruby on some occasions can vary from shades darker red to pink. After the diamond is considered the gemstone with the increased hardness and value.

The emerald owes its name to its green color that since the days of ancient Egypt was considered a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, able to reveal the future. There are several beliefs that bind the significance of this stone between the various peoples of antiquity and share the power of the emerald as an amulet. Its green color is given by the presence of chromium and a good specimen of emerald must have not only a pure green hue, but must possess a high degree of transparency.

Finally, the last of the precious stones from the higher value is the sapphire. Its blue color distinguishes it and many bind this stone of health, happiness and peace. Many believe that its name derives from the greek, but in some cases we speak of a Jewish origin of the name means “the most beautiful thing.” Sapphire is one of the few stones related to religion for Christianity is that in Buddhism, the symbol of purity and faithfulness, and, perhaps for this reason, very often chosen as engagement ring.