Fruity Accessories Bring You the Summer

Or at least spring.If he does not want to come by himself, we will help and look forward to the first warm sunrays of the year.And the days when we can sit outside, walk barefoot through grass or have a nice picnic with friends.In the park, of course and in the best weather.You can only dream of it at the moment, but that is finally allowed.While the colorful color spots in nature still show a bit sparse, we are already set for the colorful spring and summer colors.

Fruity Accessories Bring You the Summer 1

Away with the gray, cold weather.With a little tuition, we can no longer dispel the mood from now on.Because, thanks to the right accessories, we are really in the mood for spring.Some of them I would like to introduce you now and in the end I have a delicious beauty tip for you.

Strawberries and citrus fruits on the wrist

If you do not have any matching fruit accessories, then go on the search! According to theeliteswatches, because I do not know how you are, but when I see fruits like strawberries or watermelons, I associate this immediately with nice summer days.Especially delicious, if you can buy the fruits just freshly and enjoy.But first of all the right season has come.

It is much easier if, for example, you widen your charm bracelet or beads.The old charms are carefully stowed away and now the new, fresh companions are worn on the bracelet .You can find inspiration in our shop.How about a piece of watermelon?ZEEme has launched such fruity jewelery on the market.They look colorful and refreshing and immediately help you to make your mood brighter.Gray, cloudy winter days?Are forgotten!If you like something more noble, the charms of Sence Copenhagen is well looked after.Whether it’s a pendant in a sweet strawberry or a crunchy apple shape, everything is kept in classically elegant gold and silver tones.And by the way, you can combine these romantic and playful charms with your noble side.

If you combine them with other, colorful or light pendants, the charms are really good.For example, begging bracelets are often used as base versions with small stones, great as a partner for fruit pendants.And in choosing the color and material of the bracelet, you can decide according to your taste.Meanwhile, there is probably no color that is not represented.

This also applies to chain trailers, rings or ear plugs .The imagination knows no limits.

Fruity Accessories Bring You the Summer 2

Bags for biting

Punctually for the spring, there are also bags that differ significantly from their competitors.They may be smaller than their competitors, but they are much more striking and have a high degree of recognition and addiction.Whoever carries a bag with fruit juices sets a statement.Color against the unit look, but do not attract attention at any cost.Even if this is certainly a side effect, which will not fail.These bags are strolling, they are only provided with the essentials, with things which one can not do without.But it’s a bit more crazy.And cute.How about a bag that is completely modeled on a fruit?Also there you are guaranteed.This is not so unusual this spring.Instead of usual pocket models, you can now buy bags that look like an oversized strawberry.If that does not cause spring or summer, finally show up.

Fruity Accessories Bring You the Summer 3

Freshkick for your face: A relaxing strawberry mask

Strawberries can help you with the daily care.They contain flavonoids, which counteract the skin aging and help with dry, tense skin.

You need:

  • 4 to 5 strawberries
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tablespoons whipped cream

Crush the strawberries in a small bowl and add the cream and the honey.mix well and apply to the face.Let the mask work for about a quarter of an hour, after which you need to rinse the remains with warm water.

Have fun trying!And if there is anything left over from the strawberry mask, do not mind that you simply eat the rest.Delicious!