From the Wedding to the Jewelry Ring – Make Yourself Happy!

You like our wedding rings, but you are not currently making wedding plans?You do not have to marry a ring from the Trauring catalog!Even if you are looking for a jewelry ring, you can take a trauring as a base ring and then change it according to your personal ideas.Thus, you can use the indescribably wide selection of wedding rings from 123gold and get inspired by the many different ring models to design a beautiful, very individual jewelry ring.

Just choose a ring from our different Trauring catalogs and start with the configuration.Either you can immediately delete “Ring 2” in the Configurator or you configure both in parallel, so have a direct comparison of the differently designed rings and delete the second ring only.As long as you configure both rings, the pair price is also displayed in the upper right corner.As soon as you delete the second ring, the individual price will be displayed immediately.

Today, I show you how to transform a Trauring in the Configurator into a unique jewelry ring.

First, I delete ring 2. After deleting the second ring appears exclusively the single price.

I delete the stone cover and the joints.

I now change the color to red-white-red and the surface is uniformly polished.In addition, I insert a corrugation U under the menu point Fugen.

In the Distribution submenu I now determine the color distribution of the ring.For this purpose, I move the separations T1 and T2, so that they are inserted at a distance of 0.8 mm from the edge.

In the Steinbesatz, I open the Steinbibliothek and select the single stone with the cut “Princess gerade”.

Now I go back to the menu “General” and change the surface of the middle of the ring from polished to hammered.

Finished!Here is a unique jewelry ring, which is built on the basis of a herring.