Form Fugues – the Sinus of Life on Our Rings

Last week we showed you how you can simply use the Trauring Configurator to transform a one-part ring into a second ring with a straight color separation and fugue. With the aid of a form-color separation, however, moving joints are also possible! You can replace the centrally placed double V-joint by a narrow or wide snake joint or a zigzag joint. And so:

Our already configured 123gold MyStyle ring in yellow gold and platinum – with double V-joint

Adjust the joint

With 123gold MyStyle, a form-color separation can only be created with the following joints:

  • Serpent closely
  • Serpent wide
  • Zickzackfuge

I choose a close snake.

– Left menu:Joints
– Click on the “Edit” character next to “Double V-Groove”
-In the pop-up window:Select Snake Flare
-Save changes
-Back to overview

Place the stone

In order to make sure that the stone frame is seated in the joint and therefore on the color separation, I now adjust the positioning.

-links menu:Steingruppe # 1
Position on the ring:Set the color separation 1
-Back to overview

Finished!A unique beautiful ring with shape-color separation and a moving joint.

Form-joints at acredo

Also with rings of acredo, mold joints are possible, for example:

Saturn fugue in this two-colored acredo Trauring in yellow gold/Graugold 585/-

Saturn joint U120, a U-joint of 1.2mm width

Saturn Fuge V120, a V-joint of 1.2mm width

A wave groove is also possible here.

Form joints

Very nice at acredo is also the possibility to combine these form joints.Here you see a three-part ring in Graugold/yellow gold/rose gold 585/- with a corrugation at the top and a Saturnfuge V120 below.

How three-piece rings can be configured particularly nicely we declare next time!Next week, we will also show the configuration of side stone headers.

Three-part ring of acredo with wave joint and Saturn gap V120 in Graugold/yellow gold/rose gold 585/-