Fast Food Conquers the Jewelery Market

Need a burger?Chicken or beef?With extra fries?Coke or Sprite?OK thanks.Please wait a moment, your order will arrive in a few seconds.A typical scene that takes place every day in the fast food restaurants of Germany.In so far as nothing attracts any attention.But imagine, it is not the nice guy in the Burgerrestaurant who asked this question, but your jeweler and jewelery dealer.For somehow it seems as if jewelery in fast food design is now something of a must.Hard to believe?Well then, read for yourself!

1. Fast food jewelry

Fast food jewelry.Fast food jewelry?I’m just wondering how to write this strange word-novelty right now.As far as I know, the duden does not have it in the repertoire.Well, no matter, it should finally go to the jewelry itself.And since it is actually that fast food becomes salonfähig.So at least the jewelry in the same design.Then burgers and fries hang around the neck, whole tablets stagger with fast food as a brooch on the lapel.And the hot dog dangles at the ear.Occasionally also popular, regional specialties join in with it.The bratwurst and the pretzel would be served here.Quite rarely, on the other hand, beverage cans are still available, but this is sure to come.

It is clear that I am not talking about real food.;) Creations made of plastic, resins and precious earrings are the preferred material from which the fast food dreams arise, from the point of view of PoliticseZine.

Well-known designers send their models in a sort of waitress-look on the catwalk, dressed in the colors that remind of the largest fast-food chains.On the small tray in the tender model hands was then just … no, no fast food …. a cute, small handbag presented in fast food design.Everything perfect, guaranteed hunger.Or not?

2. Fast Food Jewelry: Kitsch or Art?

The question is rather, whether it is not somehow both.As is well known, kitsch and art are often suspiciously close together.And here, in my opinion, it is difficult to draw a real boundary line.Because, honestly, fast food jewelry reminds me personally of kitsch.But Kitsch, about which I can laugh and not really so terrible, as long as it holds the balance.Sometimes a few earrings with a Tacco turn, I find funny, if it fits.But get a complete fast food jewelry menu?No, that is too much to ask.And I can also do without fast food at the Ringfinger.Do not you already realize how your blood glucose level rises when you think about it?How is it then only when the bag of French fries as a motif ring constantly in the field of view?

No, I will wear fast food jewelry only at the next birthday party or meeting friends in our favorite cafe.Nicely dosed, in small portions.And what about you?What do you think of Schmucktrend Fast Food Jewelry?Top or flop?