Fashion Tips: How to Combine Accessories

The Proper Accessories Can Complement The Look And Provide A Visual Highlight, And To Achieve This Satisfactory Outcome, Just Knowing Combine And Use The Right Way.

They enrich the look and transformed many times a simple production in a more elegant Besides printing your brand the personality to your look.

Many women are in doubt at the time of matching accessories, fearing that the visual stay loaded, exaggerated too much. And they are right, because the variety of accessories is very large and the possibility to make the look a disaster is enormous.

The most common mistakes are the wrong combination, exaggeration or not knowing how to choose the ideal accessory for the occasion. But with a few tips that can easily be avoided and no longer be a problem.

What’s not fine is to use excess ring, pulseirismo and huge earrings in an inappropriate environment as the work, for example. The same happens when you abuse accessories trying to combine them with an outfit for a formal party. It’s going to be over!

Fashion Tips To Combine Accessories

Basic Tips To Match Your Clothes With Accessories

From a detail of the clothes you can get a color to the choice of accessories or vice versa. This is the rule of parts “talking to each other”.

For the black clothing – Use any type of accessory or color, including shoes and handbags;

Clothes with colors in sober tones – Use strong colors;

Clothes with bright colors-use accessories with neutral tones;

Clothes in neutral tones – opt for bold colors, in handbags, shoes or jewelry;

For whites or off-white – prefer earthy tones;

For clothes with prints-Prefer accessories with sober tones and discreet or that match one of the colors of the pattern.

Colorful shoes – neutral color purse;

Bags of same color clothes-effect that stretches the silhouette.

Accessories For The Workplace And Formal Environment

Not to Miss experience the work clothes and try to combine with the more discreet accessories, take pictures and save for a time of doubt. The same can be done with the formal party clothes, experiment with jewelry of preference, that is best suited to this type of party, or with a more elegant accessory if you don’t have jewelry. But it is worth remembering that even the taking, don’t use all at the same time, it’s going to be too much, will pass from the point. And for an event like this, remember the rule of the Valley – less is more!

Within the parts you like best, choose the ones that can be used with your clothes, so you’re not restricted to using just a look with your favorite accessory. Here are some tips to hit the choice:

The “Maxi” Accessories

In recent years, we’ve seen many fashion trends, such as the maxi, maxi, maxi earrings necklaces this or that. Anyway, can we combine all this? And is it for all? This is very relative and can generate “cloth to manga” because, besides being a matter of taste, we have to think that there is a fine line between good taste and the exaggeration. Think you need to know to use fashion to your favor. For work, for example, a combination of earrings, necklaces and maxi or pulseirismo certainly would be exaggerated. The tip is to use with caution and choose a type of accessory that will combine better with a formal environment.

Combining Similar Accessories

At the time of composing the visual, you can choose pieces that have a similar finish, as well as the texture or Polish. The same combination must exist in time to use the pieces with precious stones, jewels or jewelry. In this case try to gather stones similar in hue, brightness, transparency or nobility.

The parts that have a more contemporary appeal are the gold or silver. These golden and silvery colors that previously had a myth they cannot be used together, can nowadays, but give preference to when this mixture following a tip: When the larger piece is gold, look for match a piece less than or more thin silver color and vice vers a.

You can use the gold during the day or night, but leave the more flashy and powerful accessories for night.

The silver color accessory are more discreet and can be used at any time.

Combining The Accessory With The Skin Tone

As well as the clothes and makeup, Accessories help enhance the body giving more prominence.And combine with the color of your skin is also a trick to be used.
Clear Skins – stand out more with dark stones.
Dark skin or black– combine more with warm colors like red, yellow.
Eastern Fur -combine more with cool colors like green and blue.

Matching Accessory With The Kind Of Face

Round face-Use longer pieces.
Long and thin face or oval-round pieces or wide Use as the rings.

Using Accessories Accompanying The Neckline

A long necklace can create a horizontal line creating an effect that elongates the silhouette.
The paste can be used also by repeating the lines of cleavage, as the v-neck that also lengthens and highlights the breasts.
The round neckline make a necklace that follow the same format, as for example, Omega necklace, a pearl necklace.
The canoe or neckline strapless ask more evenly around your neck collars, such as chokers.

And To Top It Off

In addition to beautiful accessories, can have the function of bringing the focus to any region you want to highlight. As an arm bracelet, when you want to show a beautiful and shapely arm.
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