Fashion Earrings Tips

Ear ornament that can light up your face and highlight your personality. So choose the most suitable earrings for you, find out what types there are and discover new trends.

Why are we decorate earrings? Why did we leave for them to pierce a body part? It’s been since ancient times and even today in less developed civilizations include decorating and using certain destruction of the body to human habits. It’s a given that we want to enjoy it. That our body is not perfect and we want to improve it, make it different. Other than him the rest. And one of the places with which we can do something about the ears. They in fact have a hanging shape, that we can put something there and what we will not interfere.

Delicate and small earrings

Fry, sometimes called ** ** pellets, enough to have graced us. A small stone or pearl ear does not significantly disturb the overall impression and gives us a greater opportunity to experiment with the rest of jewelry and clothing. If we stop at a pearl, so sometimes it happens that someone feels that pearls include more older vintages or so most brides. Error. Even young girls look beautiful pearl and black variations or modifications, which are so often wear are interesting.

A little more complicated variant of delicate earrings are then motifs of flowers or spiders who like crawling on the ear, which is ideal for playful women. Individual small products also allow you to carry more of earrings in one ear.

Earrings – rings and rings

Very popular variations of earrings worn in several forms, basically all the time. However, experiencing a period when strictly back in vogue and is worn especially significant variations circles. At the moment we can not say that would be a trend. But if you take the rings decorated with an interesting inscription middle of the circle or article studded with rhinestones, so this is not a trend, but interest and, therefore, it can afford. Once they come back into fashion, so you enjoy it and you can afford and maxi size.

Earrings in the form of chains

Fine chains hanging ear fits well on the day. However, more ornate and older vykládanější tapes you prefer to leave in the evening. They never go out of fashion and make you interesting. But watch out for other jewelry, you have not wasted too garish. The only case where this is permitted, it is part of a set. Because there is the parts having the same motif, and thus the overall impression and not fragment. If you want to work particularly original, so you take the one long strip earrings that you’ll reach to his shoulders. Take it in one ear, thereby causing interesting.

Another popular variant form of a ribbon earrings are those that consist of a pair of chains and besides them gem and complements other components such as bead application, feather or a metal ornament. These jewels can be worn to dissolve or combed your hair when you act more solemn.

Metal earrings, earrings of silver and gold

Gold or silver are classic. Whether you have any shape and quality metal has always gracefully. This is true of the aforementioned circles or more complex motives. Lots of carriers earrings often solves the dilemma of whether they metal earrings will not irritate the skin. Because even-plastic or of another material manufactured articles have a point of attachment to the ear of the metal base. Today already produce quality metals, and thus simply and silvered products that do not contain allergenic substances. If you do not buy a suspiciously cheap product, so if you have sensitive skin, you do not have to worry about irritation. And if you after all just be irritating, so incriminated place or replaced with something hypoallergenic coat.

Plastic earrings, colorful earrings

Playful, colorful and imaginative motivate earrings . With plastic material can conjure richly and accessories from this material forms a novel supplement. Because it is a distinct elements, beware of what you mix it. Themes playful quarrel or intricate geometric patterns do not always wear a conservative dress.

Extravagant earrings, piercing earrings

In stores with alternative or age metal goods you can find really interesting pieces. Not always but they must wear only fans of the style. You can find here a cute ** ** bodlinkové hits or more ** ** semicircles with spikes, which follow the shape of your ear. Elsewhere you will find the option where you lead from the ear holes chain associated with the figure of a climber who climbs your earlobe. This theme draws inspiration from Indian earrings when two jewels on the ear lobe and connects the chain. Staying with more alternative styles, so try to give ear piercing earring bearers they tend to navel. And one more reminder. Some vyznavčky metal tend to put a safety pin in your ear. There are also those earrings. It is safer than tailor aid of goods, because the right jewelry are not as sharp needle that you can not open after possible injury.

Make your earrings

Earrings are a frequent product with which you entertain skilled artists. If you are among them, try to buy components and create something according to your needs and your personality. Sold to different bases from switching to various motifs of circles, flowers and butterflies. You can lavishly decorate beads, paint or stain special odrátovat. You can also create a jewel of the foundations of quality costume jewelry. From that which adorns jewelry worth several hundred. Individual companies offer an essential component for a smaller amount of money and you can save. Another of the popular and widely worn materials ** ** fimo mass. This is the sort of plasticine that after baking in a conventional oven hardens, so here thesciencetutor. If you do not so skilled hands, or you just want to inspire, look for sites that offer handmade products.

Design earrings

Jewel itself is a kind of art. Earrings can be found in their simplest forms, but so try to uncover their artistic overtones. One such article is a gem of a jewelry collection, which from under the metal hemisphere blooms fabric flowers. Or search after the merger of gemstones and its impressive set into the metal. Clean lines and materials they bring originality and novelty. Therefore, these jewels look at Designshop obchůdkách and galleries.

What earrings to wear the most?

What is the most wear? Stones. The dominant part of the earring is mounted on the ear and from there hangs even some minor components. The stones are rather dull in color and colorful, gaudy colors, however, have yet vale. Of the materials mentioned are worn mostly stones and various metals. Betting on the nature of where these materials undoubtedly belong.