Fabric Sculpture Textile Hardener

Found in hobby stores and specialty stores for sewing rays, hardener of textiles very very useful.
It comes in a large pot like this and apply with a soft brush as pictured below:

-on one side (the side of preference) for an enraidissement moderate

-or on the place and upside generously if one wishes to have a too steep object that the cardboard hard.

We can also completely immerse the object of fabric to stiffen in the product such as a knot of Ribbon for example who, after complete drying will definitely retain the form you will be given. The product is liquid (like a smoother wood glue), white, becomes transparent when dry and does not stain fabrics of course. To the water clean tools. We have published a FORM PRACTICE COMPLETE IN PHOTOS for those who would like to start.

Immediately acquired this miracle product, it is quick to make a string of pins for all our outfits.

Below, with the painted beige felt of peas with a very diluted acrylic paint for a low contrast, a PIN in the colors of autumn.

As there are small gifts that will be at Christmas or the new year’s Eve, and swept away by momentum, it was fun to make for all female future parties: guaranteed success…

Here are other models to inspire you…