Exclusive: Marshop Features Your New Collection of Men’s Accessories

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?¬†ūüôā¬†Oops, has release this Tuesday Coloral, Yes?¬†That’s right!¬†And it’s¬†exclusive release, first hand for you Male readers, the¬†Marshop¬†features your¬†New collection of men’s Accessories, with Combos, bracelets and Necklaces.¬†And still have¬†discount coupon¬†for here too, huh, Oh good thing!¬†So let’s take a look at post pro, in particular, in all of this?

Men's Accessories 2

You may already know the¬†Marshop¬†, right?¬†The brand has appeared a few times here on the Blog, always showing off their new releases, new products and everything else.¬†But for those who don’t know, the¬†Marshop¬†works exclusively with¬†Male Accessories, bracelets, necklaces and Combos, all well worked in leather, steel, metals, stones, anyway, a great variety of materials.

Today, the brand comes in first hand your new collection of Accessories, valuing other dark colors, Earth tones and natural materials. In addition to all this, you have discount coupon for those who is Male reader, put haha Just scroll to the bottom of the post to get closed?

But enough about, huh Coriander?¬†Of course!¬†I’ll show you below the complete collection of¬†Marshop, that is all for sale on Webshop, ok?¬†To see more details of each model, just click on the links \o GO!!!

1) Combo Of Black Bracelets

This combo is composed of four bracelets, which can be used together or separately. All four bracelets are adjustable for 15 cm to 22 cm.

More details of the Combo Of Black Bracelets

2) Master Wing Leather Necklace

The Marshop is created with Wing pendant and inset of high quality as symbol of freedom. Necklace made in a high-quality leather.

More details of the Masterful Wing Leather Necklace
3) Bracelet Hema-Premium

Natural stone Hematite stone and Lava, adjustable from 15 to 22 cm, Pendant, Metal, Zamak alloy with graphite bath.

More details of Bracelet Hema-Premium

4) Combo To Anchor Braided Bracelets

Men’s bracelets combo with anchor symbol, the anchor symbolizes strength and stamina, all four bracelets are adjustable for 15 cm to 22 cm.

More details of the Combo Of Anchor Braided Bracelets
5)¬†leather necklace Whale’s tail

Chubby leather necklace with pendant of whale tail.

More details of the¬†Leather Necklace Whale’s Tail

6) Uber-Premium Leather Bracelet

Accessory made in black leather in 1 inch width ideal for all kinds of wrist.

More details of Uber-Premium Leather Bracelet

7) Anchor Bracelets Combo Tribe

Anchor is a symbol of strength and intelligence, this combo consisting of leather bracelets 4 express your style.

More details of the Anchor Straps Combo Tribe

8) Paste Barber Scissors

Zamak Alloy Metal necklace with leather detail pendant with a scissor.

More details of the Barber Scissors Necklace

Men's Accessories 1

9) anchor Braided leather bracelet

Men’s braided leather bracelet with anchor pendant.

More details of Anchor Braided leather bracelet

10) Monetary Bracelets Combo

This combo is composed of four bracelets, which can be used together or separately.

More details of the Monetary Bracelets Combo
11) leather necklace Buddah

Paste in genuine leather plump pendant with Buddah.

More details of the Leather Necklace Buddah

12) Bracelet Black X-Premium

Leather Bracelet with X and inset details crossed out in zamak.

More details of Bracelet Black X-Premium

13) Necklace and bracelets Ancora Kit New

This combo is composed of four bracelets and a necklace, that can be used together or separately.

More details of the Necklace and bracelets Ancora Kit New

Men's Accessories 3

14) Masterful Cross leather collar

Necklace made in genuine leather plump black high quality pendants in Zamak with Bathroom Graffiti.

More details of the Masterful Cross Leather Collar

15) Aztec leather bracelet

Bracelet made of genuine leather with macrame great for all kinds of wrist.

More details of Aztec Leather Bracelet

Where To Find?

This new collection of¬†men’s Accessories¬†is already on sale in the¬†online store¬†of Marshop, just visit there.

Vale also follow official channels: Facebook.

Discount Coupon:

The Marshop also took some exclusive discount coupon for those who is Male reader. Just insert in the shopping cart OutModa100FF code to ensure 10% OFF. Valid until day 22/10/2016.


The Marshop also created a¬†unique website¬†for part of¬†the brand’s Resale, for those who want to resell the products and get a little money haha and ah!¬†You don’t have to have CNPJ, didn’t you?¬†Only access for more information on all this.