Every Beginning Is Hard and Knotted

Such a loop is pretty much the first complicated matter that you have to learn as a small child. Everything else goes by itself, is innate or requires support wheels to make it work. And it is certainly a bit harder to learn how to ride a bicycle. Because in the bicycle there are firstly these little support wheels, which give us the first time a feeling of freedom and second the helping hand of mum or dad, which give us the necessary thrust, then suddenly are gone and brought us schwuppdiwupp, the wire to steer.

But the thing with the loop and the knot, that was not easy at the time. We did not seem to have a logical connection between the two aspects, and how could you make a loop so easy with two small, clumsy hands? Somehow suddenly it has worked and since then the binding of a loop no longer presents a problem. We could proudly tie the shoelaces of our shoes, even if it took forever. No matter, we got it and shoes with velcro were just what for small children. Since then, grinding is our constant companion.

The loop as accessory and helper

The girls among us knew loops as an accessory, of course, before we learned how the thing was actually bound.She looked and looked beautiful.And to this day find both small girls and adult women.How else is it to explain that the loop as a symbol always appears as a decorative detail in fashion, but also in logos or as a clear statement for a specific purpose?

If you look in the dictionary, you get the simple name “sling” as an explanation delivered.A link that is easier to solve than a traditional node.And still serves as a connection.What has practical purposes can also become fashionable.For centuries, clothes, trousers, or skirts have been tied around the body more or less artfully.The loop had mostly practical uses here, but it was always more effective in the women’s world.Where it was first used only as a pure accessory, is not quite clear.Supposedly she was invented as a decorative ornament to the men’s shirt by chance at the French court.A lover of Louis XVI.should have knotted on a tie until she had tied a loop.

Grinding everywhere

Today we find loops everywhere.In addition to their actual use, we use them as a decorative and protective element that holds important things and pretty gifts together.It is the loop that we turn to when we pack presents.It should look particularly handsome and attract the attention of the recipient.It is something like the coronation of the gift and the first loving gesture to the recipient.On colorful paper or glittering foil is often dispensed, but a loop must be simple.

And just as we adorn our gifts, we also want to decorate ourselves.Ok, I admit, a loop as an accessory is destined much more for women than for men.And it will also be easier to find pieces of jewelry in loops or clothes with loops in the women’s department than in the men’s department.However, you will not have to look long in either area, and you will be able to find a lot of loops.Also, of course, on shoes (practical and decorating element), dresses or skirts.And on belts and bags and hats and ….

Even if a loop is not necessary, it is sewn, glued or printed as an ornament.Yes, there are also, t-shirts with squeegee print.You can tie your own hair into your hair, put on hair bands with a bow decoration, or buy the appropriate jewelry, for example body chains or rings with loops.

So bind yourselves.The right loop is waiting for you.