Enzo Miccio Design

A jewelry line dedicated to a refined and elegant woman. Wide choice of models and variety in prices for jewelry may be purchased through the online shop.

A jewelry line dedicated to elegant women and sophisticated with a wide range of models to meet all the needs and tastes. Jewelry made ​​of gold and adorned with diamonds and other precious stones such as sapphires and rubies, but there are collections in silver, always elegant and fashionable, to approach the world of the young.

In recent seasons the proposed Comets Jewels have expanded with five new lines featuring jewelry that express beauty, color and harmony as the line Dreams, harmony, color Fantasy, Sophie and the line Eternity. The first was simply expanded with rings and engagement rings. The Harmony line offers a series of rings with geometric shapes, while the color is the main element in the line of color fantasy. The last two lines are the most classic and dedicated to love.


Comets Jewels for this is a very important collection because it is chosen to eternal union.The collection includes wedding rings simple, but valuable, diamond that give luster. In addition to the classic yellow or white gold, Comets Jewels offers variants in which at various gold colors come together to create special effects and make the single ring. In 2014 the famous wedding planner Enzo Miccio has created a line of jewelry for Comets faiths dedicated to the spouses in total white and inspired by the world of butterflies. In this collection the classic style faiths and very simple can be customized with internal incisions.


The ring par excellence behind which lies the promise of marriage, the engagement ring long awaited. The proposed line from Comets Jewels is very wide and consists of 18 models.Each ring is made ​​of gold and diamonds, a classic shape with a single diamond to more complex forms. Even for this line was chosen to realize some rings with the three colors of gold mixed together and designed to create a flowing effect.


In all 36 lines of jewelry there are plenty of rings, from the simplest to the more showy with diamonds, sapphires and rubies, all of which strictly in conjunction with earrings and necklaces.

Light point

The points of light Comets Jewels are 14 including earrings and necklaces. The classical form or by the flower-shaped, are all in white gold 18 carats, refined and elegant, ideal as jewelry for the bride in the wedding day, for example. All the not too excessive prices. The jewelry and its collections are available on the web site with sections such as those for spouses where even find the line by Enzo Miccio.