Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings on Schmuckladen.De

Today everything is about engagement rings .Specifically, engagement rings that are customized and can be configured according to your own desires.Because at schmuckladen.de we offer you the possibility to design engagement rings as you wish.I’ll show you how easy it is.

1. Create your own engagement rings

Configurable engagement rings are something that is no longer in the world of jewelery. Because this ring is the design. It should of course be well processed and meet certain standards. And this also always includes the objective impression, that is, the design of the engagement ring. No woman wants to experience this moment of horror as seen in Sex and the City:The man asks the right question, but with the wrong ring. (Please note that this serial marriage did not exist at all.) Wrong ring, wrong man.)
So you should always choose the ring as your beloved or your lover would choose him.Focus on your taste.If you have clarified this, you can create the perfect engagement ring on schmuckladen.de.

How to configure your engagement ring:

1.) Click here and look for the engagement ring that appears to you to be perfect.
2.) Click on the ring, then you get to the details page.
3.) Now select the material, for example 925 sterling silver or 585 yellow gold.
4.) Then you choose the correct ring size. As you get the ring size, we show you here.
5.) And now you decide which gem should crown the engagement ring.

The Configurator shows you the engagement ring you created.In addition, you will also get an overview of the delivery time and see the ring on the finger with most engagement rings on a thumbnail.

2. Configurable wedding rings on schmuckalden.de

Whoever has already designed the engagement ring according to his wishes, will of course continue to keep this thread in the direction of marriage.Let us think at least.No problem, many wedding rings can be configured on schmuckalden.de according to your wishes.

How to configure your Ehering:

1.) Also now click here again, here you get to the side with the corresponding rings. Now you can see which model matches your expectations with the Eheringen. In this category you can find different models for men and women, so you can choose different models.
2.) Click on the Ehering.
3.) On the details page select the optimal material, for example white gold or platinum.
4.) Now select the correct ring size.
5.) Depending on the model, choose the jewels that are perfect for decorating your wedding ring.
And you are done.Now put everything into the shopping basket, order and then look forward to the sparkling new wedding rings.

By the way, you can find not only configurable rings on schmuckladen.de, but also engagement and wedding rings, which are already designed for you.

Have fun configuring and designing!