Engagement Rings and Marriage Requests for Valentine’s Day

Christmas was just around the corner and a very special day was already in the focus:Valentine’s Day.So the day when all the couples in love are still a bit more in love.The day when a lot of chocolates and flowers are given away.And, of course, Valentine’s Day is also the day when a lot of marriages are going on the stage.We at schmuckladen.de take the occasion to start a whole series of romantic blogpostings.Today we start with inspirations for unforgettable wedding applications on Valentine’s Day.And since such a proposal without the appropriate engagement ring is only half as beautiful, we also introduce you the current Betsseller and darlings of engagement rings of schmuckladen.de.

1. Romantic marriage application on Valentine’s Day

I want to connive and find you, Valentine’s Day is the right opportunity for it?Great, we think so and congratulate you heartily.And here are some ideas for romantic marriage proposals for Valentine’s Day.

Marriage application with pimping effect: Engagement ring in the balloon

Gifts always make a beautiful packaging, especially if they are as special as the engagement ring. Classic is handed over in the ring-case. Why not in the balloon?
To do this, you pack the ring in some tulle and put it in a balloon.This should be filled with helium and may also have a special shape.In addition, you can fill some glitter in the balloon.There are also special shops that can take over for you.Now arrange the balloon and hand it over with a bouquet, for example.And give the indication that in the balloon something special hides.And while You/He is bursting the balloon and wondering about the content, you kneel before and ask the question of all questions.

Marriage application: hidden engagement ring in the post office

For this you create a romantic valentine’s day card, on the front of which you stick a small envelope. With a punch, you punch your little hearts from photos of you (alternatively buy their punched hearts) and stick them to a fine string, creating a garland. At the end, you tie the engagement ring. We then put the garland in the small envelope on the card.
Of course, you should hand over the card personally, after all, you want to be part of your own marriage application on Valentine’s Day.

These are, of course, only a few inspirations, as your marriage application on Valentine’s Day could run.

2. The most beautiful engagement ring for Valentine’s Day

Surely, if you celebrate your marriage application on Valentine’s Day, you do not want to stand without an engagement ring. So here we have a couple of beautiful engagement rings for you.
This engagement ring jewelry in rose gold is the classic variant, which is still very high in the course.The ring “Precious” can be equipped with various gemstones, as well as you can choose the material.With rose gold you choose a warm, very modern color that flatters every woman.The delicate ring rail can be worn optimally and offers space for an individual engraving.

If you like precious stones but want to dare something new from diamonds and zirconia, you could choose the engagement ring “Celebrity Star”.This can be covered with a blue sapphire, also other gemstones are possible.Also it is very delicate shaped and can be worn during the marriage well as Vorstecking.

A gem is not enough for you?Then you will love this engagement ring (band ring ) made of yellow gold.He has a total of 49 diamonds and does not only look brilliant on the day of the engagement.

I wish you a romantic Valentine’s Day!