Elegant Butterfly Bracelet/Ankle Chain

Ankle – a beautiful and unusual decoration. It can highlight your originality, make a beautiful accent on slender legs and drew the attention of the opposite sex.

How to Choose Bracelet?

Historians and archaeologists have found many times ankle during excavation. Many women in antiquity adorned themselves in this way. From different sources we know that the bracelet is worn on the left leg as a marker girls of easy virtue, a bracelet on his right foot were only available women. To choose the right bracelet, you need to soberly assess the pros and cons of feet si.Universal version that will look good on almost all legs is an elegant chain with one or more pendants. Thinner legs look very bright delicate bracelets made ​​of wood or plastic. Major ankle can visually reduce sufficiently massive hand made chain or bracelet made ​​of wood, plastic or even leather. Choice case bracelet depends on where you will carry. Multi-colored plastic versions look good on the beach or a noisy party, but to work to put them on it is not necessary. If not ready to part with a favorite piece of jewelry, even in the office, choose a thin, almost invisible chain. Take the bracelet under the clothes you’ll carry. Anklets gold, silver and other metallic shades to fit almost any clothing. Full color decorative options to select specific skirts and dresses.


You can carry on one leg several bracelets or wear a pair of two onto the foot this case, it is important to choose appropriate clothing to look like jewelry, notenough. Bracelets both ankles require ethnic motives in the clothes. Note that ankle are very uncomfortable to wear shoes that has a leash because they often adhere to and intertwine with each other, leaving abrasions on the skin and bruises. Open shoes, clogs, ballet flats – it’s the perfect shoes if you are going to wear ankle. You can choose a bracelet with small bells, but in this case should be prepared for greater attention from the others. This bracelet delicate chime emphasize ease of your gait. bracelet on his leg paying particular attention to this part of your body so that your feet should be smooth and well maintained. Pedicure, waxing, no skin irregularities decorated legs look very countries. Try to bring his feet to buy ankle.