DIY Arm-Party! Colorful Bracelets Mix – Part 2: Pearl Ribbon

Today part 2 of my small DIY bracelets series follows. This time, it’s actually a mini DIY, the two bead bracelets are strung on a thin rubber band in the middle.

For the 3rd bracelet links, you need small round beads of Turquoise and a golden trailer next to the rubber band. For the fourth from the left glass beads and gold panels. I bought everything in the beads & more in Munich, but you can find similar material available online, E.g. at Crown jewels.

Colorful Bracelets

Your of course also other material can use for a mix of bracelets, which you just at home. It should be only from the same color family, so that’s not too wild looks and fits together.

For the band with the turquoise beads approx. 30 cm of rubber thread cut and thread the golden section in the middle. Secure it with a knot and a crimp bead see also in this post: Mini DIY – colorful summer glass bead bracelets
For the Ribbon with the glass beads these alternately with the Golden parts of the intermediate thread and also close.