Different Types of Earring Closures

Definition of earring

In wedding jewelry, an earring is an element that is part of a set and worn on the ear. A gem that we wear to both women and men, but until recently it was culturally a predominantly female use item.

Earrings made from gold, silver and platinum are attached via pivot, with the help of a hook opened, closed or butterfly mechanism. The earrings are by far the most worn jewel. This trinket can be found in all shapes and sizes with the only limit of the weight that must be endured by the wearer’s lobe.

The earrings are a jewel in common use worldwide. In many cultures the earrings are also considered a social rite of initiation (similar to circumcision) where he practiced holes on the lobes of the girls shortly after birth.

Types of earrings


Also called “stud nail closure, the closure has the distinction of procuring a real feeling of weightlessness due to the absence of visible fixings at the ear. It is referred to as suspension. Earrings with butterfly closure are attached to the ear by means of two pins.

We use a closure system consisting of a classic metal band bent to form a butterfly. In the middle of it, a hole allows the insertion of pin redeemed extremely easy to wear this jewel. Two cleats on the secure pin fixation to lobo.

Clasp closure

Earrings with hook closure, comprising a gold pin to form a curved (shaped). The metal sear, destined to be in the back of the lobe, is such as to prevent the loss. Made with skill, our closing hook earrings are designed to marry the shapes of lobo and are the most comfortable to wear.


According to InterShippingRates, earrings with monahcella closure have the same peculiarity of earrings with hook closure with the difference of a attannco clip in the back.


The aesthetic of the closure hook length concigliano earrings and combining it with the stud type clasp hook.


Earrings with clip closure templates are highly appreciated by people without pierced ears. The frame of this jewelry is similar to earrings with hook closure with the exception of the absence of an axle. It will be an iron stand that will secure the jewel at the lobe.