Diamond Rings and Quarter Carriages at Sensational Prices

At 123gold in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands you can now get solitaire rings – the perfect rings for engagement! – at very attractive prices. So you can buy a beautiful diamond ring in rhodium – plated 925/- silver already for 99 euros. You can configure our brilliant solitaires online or in one of our more than 50 locations according to your wishes. Many diamond rings, especially the brands BestGold 24 and Eternal Touch, are also affordable in a smaller budget. Whether you choose the engagement ring together with your partner or surprise you with a romantic dinner, an individual engagement ring is the perfect start into a common life.

A sparkling ring with a quarter-carat diamond, also in rhodium-plated 925/- silver, we already offer from 349 euros. Both models can also be configured with white gold 585/- at very favorable prices. Quarter-carers (o, 25ct) are the classics among diamond rings. A quarter-carter is not only an excellent candidate, but also a highlight for every solitaire ring on every occasion. The sparkling Solitaire diamond captivates the viewer and exerts a magical attraction on everyone who meets him.

But even if you want a gold-colored ring is right in our action – golden sparkling brilliant rings from yellow gold 585/- from 186 euros let hearts beat faster. To say yes is quite easy with the varied engagement rings of 123gold.