Custom Slippers with Pearls: Step by Step

Women who are looking for a personalized and stylish accessory can bet on making the custom slippers with pearls. The result of this craftsmanship are delicate, feminine and romantic pieces.

Custom Slippers with Pearls 1

The pearl slippers can be used to assemble different looks, mainly casual ones. To use them, it is important for women to have well-made and delicately painted toenails.

The decorated slippers combine with short shorts, skirts or dress. They are perfect for strolling during the summer season and leave the look at once relaxed and elegant.

The personalization of the slippers can be made with other materials, such as rhinestones, fabric flowers, stones and bows.

Custom Slippers with Pearls 2

How To Customize Slippers With Pearls

Check below the step-by-step to customize slippers with pearls. The result is so surprising that it turns a pair of plain slippers into powerful beach slippers.

Materials: pearls of different sizes, shells, slippers with straps (Havaianas), hot glue and satin ribbon.

Step By Step

  1. Glue the tape to the base of the slipper strip;
  2. Glue and wrap the ribbon with satin ribbon;
  3. After wrapping theslipper strips with tape, do the same process by wrapping the backs of the strips with the tape;
  4. On the front of the flip-flop, it is important to leave the tapes very evident and in addition to the strips to make the application of the pearls (forming a triangle);
  5. Glue the pearls before sewing them.For good attachment, it is essential to sew around each pearl twice;
  6. Interplaypearls and shells by customizing the slipper.

Custom Slippers with Pearls 3


– The ideal is to work with a pair of white Havaianas and satin ribbon of the same color, in this way the result will be discreet and elegant;

– Custom slippers with pearls can be used to complete the female or sold look for extra income. The delicate work done with pearls usually arouses the interest of the consumers;

– Personalized slippers represent a great form of business to open at home;

– With the DIY wave in high (Do it yourself), the customization of the slippers with pearls will be the most successful;

– Shoes purchased for customization need not necessarily be Hawaiian, that is, they may be from other cheaper brands;

– The Hawaiian soles are thick and can detract from the delicacy of the piece. To get a more feminine and romantic result, it is worth to work with more delicate slippers, as is the case of Ipanema.