Cuffs Makes the Man

The possibilities for us men to use jewelry is quite limited. Cufflinks, however, is a nice exception that can brighten up any outfit. It is a subtle detail that can tell you a lot about the wearer’s personality. Some prefer a pair fitted with secret compartments and thermometer. They often called Ole and comes from Norway. For those of us who want to wear a pair of cufflinks in style have Manolo selected six attractive models:

Links of London–Neat and elegant model in sterling silver, just in line with Links of London’s other collection. The design in the form of a couple of buttons is both handsome and a little funny. Another nice detail is the chain that links manschettknappen. Price: £ 95 (≈ 1300 SEK).

Tateossian -Also here a London based company that offers jewelry for men, with a focus on it a little bit more classy. This model is adorned with glass from Swarovski. Available with glass in red, blue, and two shades of gray. Price: 89 pound (≈ 1200 dollars).

Benson&Clegg—a slightly cheaper alternative, but Benson & Clegg nevertheless offers several attractive models of good quality. See cufflinks with designs depicting everything from several well-known university coats of arms to golf balls. This particular model will cost 17.5 pounds (≈240 dollars) and is available in several different colors.

Charles Tyrwhitt–Slightly odd design, but at the same time a right charming pair. designed after George V’s Cufflinks authentic coins and are made of silver. Price: £ 47 (≈SEK 640).

Paul Smith – It can barely write this article without mentioning Paul Smith. PS make stunning cufflinks for the man with the track. This pair is no exception and is typical of Paul Smith’s design language, often classic British symbols with quirky touches. Price: £ 65 (≈ 880 dollars).

Dunhill–this model has long been high on my want-have-list. Dunhill is known for their delicious accessories that completely breathe British sports cars. The design is conceived as a bilratt and my mind goes directly to the Jaguar E-type. Made of sterling silver with a price of 125 pounds (≈ 1700 SEK) (Unfortunately does not supplies Dunhill to Sweden from their webshop)