For a long time a man wore no shirt without social handles display elegant cufflinks. With the pragmatism of modern times and the racing life, or even the will to enter into a new era where things of the past no longer place, the use of this accessory was forgotten. However, in addition to being a new trend today is also a sign of good taste.

Two important points for the use of cufflinks:

1-They combine very well with a full social and can be very elaborate for most special occasions.

2-can be simple, but elegant, for use with a shirt without a suit on a daily basis.

Types of cufflinks

There are almost 4 main types of cuff links, however we can see that today there is a huge variety of templates that are created based on modern design. I believe that all types can be used without any fear, because all will be just a detail. However, some types are more elaborate and more rare to find.

Torpedo (Or The Bar & Rocker)

Are the most common. This is a boring plate with a mobile PIN, locking horizontally. Is the most practical of all, because it is very easy to use.

Chain Links

The chain is one of the most classic models. As you can see, your operation is simple, getting the chain between the cuffs of the shirt and the two metal parts on the outside of the wrist. It’s a very difficult model to be found.

The Barbell

As the Chain Links, are two pieces of metal, usually equal, connected by a piece of metal with some curvature, to give a good fit on the wrist. Are very stylish, but this is a model that particularly I think it is more difficult to place, since the piece is not as flexible as the other.Nevertheless, your use is very worthwhile.

Silk Knot

Nowadays are made with elastic. Is a simpler and simpler model, but you have your charm.

How To Use Cufflinks

As has been said, Cufflinks are a detail in the clothing, not the primary according to A few years ago would be something that would go unnoticed, but today it’s a detail that speaks a lot about the personality of the men who use them. If you care about the details and want a good image is a gentleman, but there is a myth in relation to cuff links that must be destroyed. Cufflinks are not sign of wealth or ostentation, because there are cufflinks for all pockets and tastes. Besides, there are not many rules to combine them. The rule of thumb is “always combine the color of the cufflink with the color of the clock”. In other words, it’s a guy thing even without many frills.

Ordinarily the cuff links look better with double cuff shirts, because these shirts are made to be used with cufflinks, not having buttons to your closing.

Double handle remember almost a shirt collar, because it needs to be folded in order to close it.He is more dressy with a differentiated format.

Use Cufflinks With Simple Handle.

It is not necessary to have a double cuff shirt to use cufflinks. It is possible that they fall off right with a simple handle shirt, but you need to take some care. First, you need to change your shirt, making a new buttonholes in the place where once existed the button. Must also be attentive to the fact that, as the handle is simple, the cufflink can stay loose, giving an air of relaxation.

Anyway, gentlemen, I think this is a point of elegance that we men should not lose. Now just choose cufflinks that are of your taste and use them! Perhaps, first, on a special occasion. As a dinner with the one you want to pay attention to its details.