Costume Jewelery for Oktoberfest

Soon we are back in the meadow, and we can go into pretty dirndl and emphasize our merits. The selection of the Dirndl is very demanding and takes a long time.Once you get hold of the right Dirndl, only one question arises:Which jewelery fit the Dirndl?

Styling for the Oktoberfest – the matching jewelery for the dirndl

Unfortunately, a dirndl very much constrains us in the selection of the appropriate jewelery.Most of the Dirndls are very striking and colorful.Since it is not even easy to find the right jewelry & accessories.It is important to pick up the colors of the dirndl in the jewelery again.If a dirndl is multi-colored, one should agree on an accent color for the jewelery.If a dirndl is held in green or blue tones, one should have recourse to jewelery in these nuances.Of course all the jewelery with a Wiesn message is very popular.These are clearly assigned to the Oktoberfest;) Symbols such as pretzels are also anchored in jewelery.If you do not like it so completely with friends and symbols, you can also rely on costume-like jewelery.

Which necklace fits Dirndl?

If we wear a dirndl, we usually pull our breasts up nicely.This means that we are allowed to put our decollet well into the scene.It is a pleasure to combine a heart necklace with a dirndl – whether as a delicate pendant or something more conspicuous.However, even statement chains can be worn.However, one should pay attention to the stylistic direction of the chain.A link chain does not fit quite well.Statement chains with flower motifs, however, always fit.Or a statement chain in the costume look like the model “Taya”.Here, the crystals are transparent, so the chain does not stare the show too much.

Jewelery with heart motif to the dirndl combine

If you like it playful and would like to be part of the Oktoberfest feeling, you can love it with many hearts.Because the heart is the motive at the Oktoberfest.Not just as a gingerbread heart. Here you can pick up a heart necklace, heart-shaped earrings or earrings or other heart elements like our bracelet “Romance Love” in pink – perfect for a Dirndl in pink tones.Be careful not to exaggerate.Your dirndl, and perhaps your braid, are very striking.Choose 1-2 more beautiful pieces, which support your Dirndl styling.