Colorful, Striking, Crazy – the Crazy Factory!

They say that crazy people have more fun in life. Whether or not this claim is the truth I now like neither deny nor confirm, I just know that even (positive) influence the own mood can be. And each still so gray gloomy day can be cheered up a little color. As a woman has one clearly more choice, because alone makeup, eyeshadow and co. offer a wide (palette of color) to let off steam.

However, I must admit that I found my favorite colors, etc. now just in terms of eye shadow, and rarely try something new. Or if it must go just times faster, I just on familiar attack back, because I know that I must not try and experiment.
I take care of pigment so better with accessories, whether purple earrings in the form of cube, or even a heavy chain with all sorts of different followers – some pieces are out rummaged only once in a while, others often accompany me over weeks or months almost every day.

Certain things I secretly have long wished, are usually so month – Evergreen, such as for example my new bracelets which I put to me just two weeks ago. Simple surgical steel without any great bells and whistles with slightly larger chain links, this was exactly what I had – looking for the fact that I have relatively large, rough hands, a gentler charm bracelet would only go down! Although I also love delicate charm straps!

I’ve found the bracelet and the hilarious trailer, but also the purple cube earrings and a pendant for my sister at the crazy factory – at first glance, you may discover here maybe “only” the most diverse, colourful and craziest piercings, plugs, tunnels or barbells , however a closer look, it will get also earrings, necklaces and many other pieces of jewelry.

In the crazy factory, the jewels are all a bit colorful, crazy, and sometimes shrill – and yet, the shop is pleasant to visit, because the navigation to desired jewelry pieces is very easy. With just a few clicks for EV. Size, material, and so on can be the entire filtered range at will . And honestly, the prices are insane! First suspected I still write behind prices, because a charm bracelet for just 3.30 euros or earrings to 0.80 cents?

There could you but smooth on the quality of the products, doubt, or?
Also, I was so, so I have the earrings and the charm bracelet worn day and night. According to cachedjewelry, I have the earrings not taken out to sleep, even in the shower they came with, fishing, bathing, etc. – and she look still as as the day – my sister could report nothing although it is crawled even through the bushes.

Also the bracelets themselves did really everything, where it already not has wondered when the first. The chain links are stable and robust, which supporters themselves are solid, notes that one alone on the weight – first I had Yes concerns the relatively compared to the heavy trailers “petite” bracelet to withstand the weight at all. Since I would need to think nothing but…

It is dishwasher hand wash, wipe, etc. pp, everything you do throughout the day so the bracelet has accompanied me faithfully. This is me unfortunately demolished one of the followers, but I have to admit that I am not completely innocent because. I had plugged the hand and it then (because I almost fell) pulled suddenly from the bag, may have hooked the trailer and be demolished. Fortunately is lacking only the small ring, which connects the carabiner to the trailer, I can easily replace the. Otherwise, I can not complain in terms of quality, on the contrary.

With my order but some really great I have succeeded:to prepare with a pendant for only 4,90 euros in Butterfly shape my sister insane pleasure. Since it is yes a total fan of butterfly and her only butterflies can be seen, I thought, I will buy you a ‘fluttery trifle”again.
Would be interesting, that so a smaller, cheaper trailers of “boring” surgical steel a people so much pleasure can – cause that then the small joys of life, ne?

The shipping is free at crazy factory worldwide, by the way, what I have experienced so far as well as in any shop. Another feature is the collection of so-called crazy cash points. With every order you get 5% of the goods value in crazy Cash points credited. These crazy Cash points, where 1 euro is equal to an equivalent of 100 crazy Cash points, you can either collect or redeem right back on the next order.

The crazy factory so positively surprised me:for little money you get great value for money really!