Colorful Jewelry and Accessories in the Colors of the Rainbow

It may become color again!And I am very much looking forward to it personally, because this is also aimed at jewelry and accessories.Anything remembers what we know about films and photos from the sixties and seventies.Colorful, somewhat shrill and definitely one: striking.So ideal to welcome the spring.Last year, by the way, there was the similar trend towards candy tones.This year, however, everything is a little more powerful and much more intense.

1. Rainbow Colors:colorful jewelry in spring 2015

The trend of the Rainbow Colors is that fashion and jewelery are not just a color, but a whole rainbow.So there must be something to go cross-country, that is full intention.The rainbow colors can also be interpreted by different jewelery pieces and form a harmless color sequence.

2. Colorful necklaces in the Rainbow Colors

With such colorful color combinations, the chains of statements are just the thing. Either just quite colorful, as with this chain of Orelia or something covered, as with the statement chain “Malani” by Lesvar.
The statement chain of Orelia is more of a necklace that can convince not only by its colors, but also by its design.Coordinate crystals and tapered metal elements are attached to coarse limbs.The rest of the necklace is shaped like a snake necklace and is ideally positioned at the neck.The statement chain “Malani” by Lesvar offers with its Swarovski Elements in flashy pink a real eye-catcher.In addition, it is the combination of fabric and metal that make this necklace the favorite piece.

3. Bracelets in colorful shades

Pink is also the keyword when it comes to the next piece of jewelery.According to breathtakingDresses,  because the bracelet “Waikiki Pink” by Lesvar falls into his eye immediately. It can be combined well with the statement chain “Malani”. Swarovski Elements then bring the necessary sparkle into play.
Lesvar also has the colorful bracelet with the sound name “Californian Hippie Ibiza”.Various influences are combined here.The bracelet is artfully woven with pearls, complemented by Swarovski Elements. Since the inside is made of real leather, it is comfortable to wear.

4. Colorful accessories in the Rainbow Colors

Of course, the Rainbow Colors can also be missing in the accessories. Here it is already clear that the spring is no longer far and is allowed to be introduced to us. The joyful Rainbow Color makes for a good mood.
And to get used to the very nice weather and sunshine, we recommend you a sunglasses .For example, this colorful model by DOLCE & GABBANA.The gentle coloring, coupled with a portion of Italian temperament, is ideal for first spring days and is also good in the summer.And, if nature is not quite so far, then help itself.This “butterfly” brooch by Tatty Devine, with its fresh look, symbolizes spring and the awakening nature.

How do you like these strong colors, the Rainbow Colors in jewelery?