Charms and Beads from Pandora: as Individual as Your Carrier

As early as 1982 moved the Danish Goldsmith Enevoldsen often to Thailand, to discover not only new materials, but also trends of local culture. Together with the designers Libeth Larsen and lone Frandsen, a unique collection was developed, which allows jewelry lovers, to assemble their pieces individually. In Germany there are now 32 Pandora stores and can be bought at Christ on the Internet that have even an own Configurator for Pandora bracelets in the portfolio.


What is Pandora?
Pandora is a kind do-it-yourself system, where the purchaser may determine elements by chains, bracelets, or anklets itself. The items referred to as “Charms” or “Beads” are either threaded, clipped or clamped. In addition, there are also so-called “stopper”, which can freeze the items on the chain. The elements themselves can be partially expanded with followers, to allow the customer an even more design. The elements manufactured in part in manual work themselves are sorted by material and category. Most of them are made of gold or silver is there but also charms made of wood, ceramic or glass. The categories range from letters, from which you can model name of religious items like crosses or whole Miniaturbuddhas up to playful and ornate geometric shapes. The offer is constantly with new charms and beads expanded and new ideas are implemented by Pandora.

Collecting and changing
You once bought the Pandora items, for example, by using the Configurator at Our site , you can collect and combine with other elements to form this new necklaces and bracelets. A total 2.5 billion different combinations will arise and the probability is very low to meet someone wearing the same necklace or the same bracelet. Of course, not always all elements must be used, because thanks to the clips and stopper the charms at any point can be fixed.